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valz Mon 24-Aug-09 18:09:47

Hi ladies, i had an episiotomy on 3rd of august for a forcep and vacuum delivery. my stitches seem to be healing well as i was sore for the first week or two but seem to have recovered well last week. im not sure how many stitches i had and tried having a look but couldnt see any, i got the hubby to have a look too and he couldnt see them either which he couldnt understand cuz he saw the cut and stitching taking place.

yesterday though i noticed bright red blood on the tissue after i peed, today i noticed it heavier so i had a look and there seems to be quite a bit, im wondering has my stiches split? im not really that sore and i know its not my loss cuz it already went to the yellowy-white stage a few days ago. the blood isnt really heavy but it is staining pads. anyone else had this or know what it might be?

mears Mon 24-Aug-09 18:13:42

Sometimes you get episodes of fresh red staining, eeven when your discharge has changed to yeoow-white. Do you have any haemorrhoids at all? Blood can come from there.
You can't see your stitches because they are put in just under the skin - called subcuticular. It is like invisible mending.
If it isn't painful it is unlikley to be something that is a problem, but if it persists, pop down to see your GP.

Phoenix Mon 24-Aug-09 18:19:36

I've had 2 c sections, so not quite the same, but i have been bleeding on and off for the last 6wks since this section and was the same last time so it could be your loss.

porcupine11 Mon 24-Aug-09 18:23:37

Hello, I kept thinking this as mine were so painful for so long - then I asked my midwife to have a look and she said the stitches dissolve in 1-2 weeks or less anyway. So try not to worry, and as long as the blood doesn't smell odd it should be fine.

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