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anyone had a D&C soon after childbirth?

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suMadre Mon 24-Aug-09 11:09:24

My ds2 is 3mths and was delivered my CS, have now had two emergency CS in the past 2and a half years. Since giving birth 12 wks ago I have had heavy bleeding practically non stop barr a couple of days here and there. If I have intercourse it comes back as if Ive just had the baby again. Ultrasound shows there is still something in my womb but whether its blood or tissue remaining they cant tell so have given me antibiotics and if not clear by wednesday they want to do a D&C to remove it. Ive been reading up on D&C's and they seem like they just cause complications and come with many risks,especially if you have just had a baby and your womb is still soft. Ive always wanted lots of children and am worried of complications by having had cesereans,I really wouldnt want to risk anything else as I definitely want at least 1 more child. Does anyone have any experience of having a D&C? I had a miscarriage last year before getting pregnant with DS2 but it was a complete one so luckily no need for D&C. One doctor suggested waiting as the bleeding could just be hormonal and settle down in a few months...but the consultant wants to do D&C. Any advice please?

uniqueatlast Mon 24-Aug-09 22:17:16

I have no idea as not been there myself. Just bouncing, hope someone can help.

AzureBlueSky Wed 26-Aug-09 22:20:50

I had a D&C after my 1st child. I had some retained tissue. It was 2/3 weeks after he was born (it was 20 years ago, so hard to remember exactly). Everything went well, some bleeding afterwards, but normal period type bleeding. Have just had my 3rd child 4 months ago. So no problems with complications/conception etc. Try not to worry. The retained stuff could become infected and then would do far more damage. The D&C really wasn't that bad smile

Sputnik Wed 26-Aug-09 22:31:20

I was in exactly your situation (apart from CS), there was tissue remaining after 3 months. I had a D&C under general anaesthetic and spent only half a day in hospital. Nobody informed me of any risks to do with fertility following the operation, but I was told that leaving it could lead to infection. I went on to have another pregnancy fairly easily a couple of years later. HTH

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