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Perineal massage - how late can you start it?

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Whitetara Sun 23-Aug-09 23:13:06

I started doing some at 35 weeks, but ended up stopping for a couple of weeks due to home renovations (house being upside down and not conducive to it) and finding it increasingly difficult to do on myself due to bump.

Have now managed to persuade dh to help me and I'm 38 weeks. It's much more painful than when I did it on myself as he probably has a better angle than me (?) and can apply more pressure. I had a 3rd degree tear last time as well and I'm convinced the scar is what is making it hurt (although could be wrong).

Just wondering, will it make much difference at this late stage, and does the pain get "easier" to bear??

I'm using zita west's down under oil.

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