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Kingsroadie Fri 21-Aug-09 11:46:16

Hi all

Am not due for another 3 months but just wondering about the Epi-No. Has anyone used it/knows someone who has used it/intends to use it and if so was it any good?

First baby and biggest fear is tearing badly (although my mother was really fine with both of us and I may - fingers crossed - take after her as preg has been v similar etc) so would like to try and do whatever I can to try and prevent it. Obv perineal massage is something I can also do but I wondered whether the Epi-No might be easier/make me want to do it more by structuring it a bit more? and get me used to the sensation of crowing a bit. Or is it just a massive gimmick (which it could well be) ?!

Thanks in advance!

lou4791 Fri 21-Aug-09 15:00:15

i haven't heard of this, but my guess is that it seems like a gimmick to me. Another pregnancy/ baby product for someone to make money from. of course there are never guarantees to not tearing, but gentle perineal massage in late pregnancy may be useful, as may hypnobirth to help you to be in as much of a relaxed state as possible and have faith in your body. Waterbirth has been shown to reduce perineal trauma, but perhaps most importantly- breathing your baby out slowly towards the end of second stage with the guidance of a compassionate midwife. Tension in our mouth lips is linked to both tension in our cervix and perineum, so 'loose lips' in labour is really helpful for both dilatation and perineal stretching- even if it means blowing gentle raspberrys if it helps. I know some of this may sound a little crazy , but not half as crazy as what is likely a fanjo- stretching machine!
good luck,
Lou x

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