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Last minute worries re: labour

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usernametaken Wed 19-Aug-09 16:21:01

I keep playing the following scenarios over in my head and trying to work out what one would do.

I am currently 37wk pg with DC2- DD is 4.5yrs. DD wasn't born in the UK so this is all very new.

What happens if I go into labour in the middle of the day? If I can't get hold of DH(high possiblity) what do I do? Phone the MW or phone the delivery suite or phone an ambulance? I'd feel a bit daft phoning an ambulance if it is a false alarm.

We have solved the problem of night time labour, but a fast day time one is worrying me...I like to be prepared!

DD was a 7 hour back to back labour so the MW has said this time could be quicker.

choosyfloosy Wed 19-Aug-09 16:29:59

I was told to ring the local midwifery team, which is made up of community midwives doing the antenatal work. There should be 24-hr cover. But why not ring your midwifery team now and check with them? If you haven't been given the number, you should have been - call your GP's surgery to get it.

Best wishes!

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