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third degree tear - will it happen again?

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GibberingGinger Wed 19-Aug-09 10:00:31

I suffered a third degree tear with dd (she supposedly had big shoulders). I have been left with mild incontinence, ie if i need to fart I can't hold it in, and if I need a poo I need to find a bathroom within 5-10 minutes. Gone are the days of waiting til i get home to the comfort of my own bathroom before pooing!

Anyway, I'm thinking of having a second child, but am worried that if I have another VB, I'll tear again along the weakness that now exists between vagina and anus. Tearing doesn't bother me. Worse incontinence bothers me.

Has anyone gone on to have tear free labours after a third degree tear?

blondissimo Wed 19-Aug-09 19:29:23

Bump for you.

How long is it since you gave birth? I had a 2nd degree tear and felt exactly like you for about 10 weeks post partum, but it gradually got better with time and pelvic floor exercises.

Gillyan Wed 19-Aug-09 19:46:14

Hiya, I had a 3rd degree tear with first baby for no apparent reason, the docs think I had 'friable' tissue. The tear was half a cm away from leaving me with a colostomy bag. I have just had my second baby and decided to have an elective section. Check with your doc, you should be allowed one with having a prev tear. No idea how you feel about that but? I felt like you, I wasn't bothered about the tearing as such but of any further problems down there and no one can guarantee what will happen. Search for topics that I started about this, honestly I went back and too my entire PG about what to do. have to say I foud the section a dream and the recovery 10 times easier than from the tear I had.

Unfortunately there have been no stats recorded on what happens second time round. I asked so any people on here and it was totally mixed, some had no tear s and some had 1st or 2nd or a worse 3 rd. It's an awful thing to happen your first time round as it makes you so anxious for the next one.

Good luck xx

blondissimo Wed 19-Aug-09 21:35:24

God, I remember when the midwife was stitching me up - she kept saying that the skin was very 'friable' - makes me shudder just thinking about it. She gave me loads of anaesthetic but I could still feel her stitching and pulling the skin. I am honestly considering begging for a section next time round and I wish I had asked to have the stitching done in theatre. I think I'm going to ask to have it re-done.

MultiTaskingMum Wed 19-Aug-09 21:51:54

I had a bad tear & haematoma when 8.5lb DS arrived with both hands under his chin - shoulders ouch! I was taken to theatre and 'put back together' under general anaesthetic. I was very anxious for PG2 and talked to the consultant about options for CS/VB. I ended up with an elective epesiotomy and successful vaginal delivery of DD who was the same size as her brother! My 3rd PG turned out to be triplets who went to 36weeks and were delivered by CS. Lots of pelvic floor exercises and pilates classes later my muscle tone is ok, except on a trampoline

GibberingGinger Wed 19-Aug-09 22:11:46

Thanks for all your comments. I found another very similar thread to this "Opinions re: Drs advice about preventing 3rd degree tear please." started by Spidermam which has also got some helpful advice and comments.
Anyway, its all hypothetical at the moment as still haven't conceived baby 2 yet. Its just one more thing to consider. I must learn not to be such a worrier/control freak. Like Gillyan said, it seems to be as random who tears badly 2nd time round as it is the 1st time!

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