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What are my chances of getting my hb?

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franfoxy2003 Tue 18-Aug-09 19:01:23

Hi all,
Im 36+5 with dc2 and requested a homebirth at my booking in appointment. However at 31weeks i was diagnosed with gd which seems under control extra. Alone sugars are always in 4's and 5's...under consultant care now and they mentioned inducing but had scan at 35 weeks and baby is measuring perfect. My consultant hasn mentioned my homebirth at all. Do you think i will get it or will i have to have hospital birth cos of monitoring babys blood sugars? I have consultant on thursday shall i mention it or forget my homebirth? Also do you think they will induce even though baby is fine?

whingingDailyHateMail Tue 18-Aug-09 22:01:50

If you want the HB, sounds like baby is fine and sugar is perfectly well controlled - I would go for it. You don't need the consultant's permission.

If they advise against, and they are likely to, ask exactly what would require a hospital birth instead? What would be done differently at home? What monitoring of baby would be needed after the birth? Bear in mind you would have 1 to 1 care of a MW at home, not in the hospital.

Personally, I would have the HB and agree that if baby was unwell at all I would transfer in after the birth for assessment.

Have you had a look at - 'you can't have a homebirth because...' Loads of fab info there.

I would only consider induction if there was a compelling medical reason that the baby needs to be born sooner. An induction when you are not ready is more likely to have lots of intervention, little chance of being mobile/using water, and increased risk of CS. And consider joining the yahoo homebirth UK group if you need any further support from other HB mums, midwives/doulas etc.

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