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VERY slow labour - argh!

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Ceolas Mon 17-Aug-09 12:48:16

I am 40+2 with baby number 5. Started having contractions through the night Sat/Sun. Woke DH at 5:30 yesterday thinking this is IT and got him filling the pool (home birth). Everything tailed off about 6am and I had very few contractions yesterday.

Throught the night again I was having very strong contractions to the point I thought I was going to need pool or g&a to cope. Then got up, alerted my mum to have the kids and it's slowed down again.

Currently having about 2 contractions an hour, Just had a little bit of show, but membranes intact. This is driving me mad. All my other labours have been oven and done with in about 12 hours from the first twinge!

Is there anything I can do apart from sit here and tear my hair out waiting for progress? hmm

lou4791 Mon 17-Aug-09 13:02:41

How frustrating. I think there's 2 paths to choose with this one. Either resign yourself to the fact that there's no a lot going on at the moment and try to get some much needed sleep while you can OR do all you can to get it going. Being active and getting a loving vibe going with your partner ( involving nipple stimulation to get that oxytocin flowing) can often help. I think sleep/rest and having enough to eat and drink are most important though. Good luck.
Lou xx

maygirl Mon 17-Aug-09 13:03:23

Is your baby back to back? I had trouble establishing labour with DS due to his position. Could look up optimal fetal postioning and give it a go! Good luck!

Ceolas Mon 17-Aug-09 13:37:28

It doesn't feel back to back. Have had OP babies before. Just spoke to mw who said it can take a long time to establish labour the more babies you have. Guess I have to get comfy!

The thought of any kind of stimulation makes me want to heave, but if it would help...

exasperatedmum Mon 17-Aug-09 14:41:19

My contractions started on the Friday evening, and seemed to be getting gradually more intense, but the old bath and paracetamol saw them off... cue a repeat of this every evening for the next five days. By this stage I was 8 days overdue, and had a sweep. When the contractions started up that evening I think I had mentally had enough of the 'is it isn't it?' and went to hospital, where I was examined and told it wasn't it, but that I could stay on an antenatal ward. Most horrible night (won't say of my life - previous labour was!) with women puffing and groaning all around me, and me begging to be let home! Contractions limped along the next day, and I wasn't actually examined for several hours. Was so tired and beside myself that it was going on for so long that I hadn't really noticed that the contractions were so much more intense so that when a mw put her hand on my stomach she could tell things were happening. Four hours later dd was born, but my contractions were 10 minutes apart right up until the last hour or so when they broke my waters. All the way through this spectacle was wondering should I rest or walk around like a lunatic trying to get things started? I suppose I would conclude that rest if you feel like resting, wander about if you feel it helps, but nothing will happen until your body is good and ready, unless they offer to induce you. I feel for you, it is very frustrating and tiring, and the preparations for looking after other children as well - but you're on your way, and one way or another that baby will be here soon! Good luck!

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