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another thread about midwife visiting the house after birth...

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maybebaby23 Sun 16-Aug-09 19:15:10

Hi guys,

We have a bit of a problem here, im hoping someone can help!

My DD is seeing a speech therapist and has been for a year but it has been a bit of a waste of time tbh and we have just been referred to another one who is going to take a different approach and we are looking forward to getting the probem fixed. However, we have had to move out of the area (only down the road but different bourough (sp?) we haven't told the surgery because i am worried that we will lose this therapy and DD really needs it! Now i am pregnant and will be having a section, and last time the midwife came every day for about 10 days i think..but i dont think she'll come here because we are no longer in their area!!!

I dont know what to do/say at all. Does anyone know what i can do. Would we lose this speech therapy if i change GP now? And how would i get into a different surgery at short notice/sort midwife care out etc?? I changed my address on my notes because i worried about the hospital not knowing where i live in emergency. so its only a matter of time before the midwife at clinic says something. The old address that clinic have is my mothers where ive lived all my life (gutted to have had to move out of the area ) Im totally stuck, my DD needs this speech therapy for just a few more months I need the midwives to come to us after birth. What do i do!?! sorry if this should be posted in a different place.

pooka Sun 16-Aug-09 19:20:56

Why would you lose the speech therapy referral by changing GP? Are the two surgeries within the same PCT - in which case you'd still be in the same PCT who would be paying and organising the referral (I would have thought).

I thought that usually GP surgeries, so long as within same PCT, deal with distance boundaries rather than borough boundaries. I.e. if you live on the edge of a borough, a surgery there might deal with patients from either borough.

I think that you should talk to the people you're being referred to for speech therapy to clarify the situation (couch it in terms of if we moved if you want). If all is well then you then go to your local surgery and sign on there, and your midwifery care would be transferred over.


maybebaby23 Sun 16-Aug-09 19:26:44

Thanks for your reply. I told the speech therapist we were moving and where we were moving to and she panicked me by saying "i'll pretend i didn't hear that" in a nice kind of way but from then on i have worried myself stupid over what to do. Too scared to mention it to the other therapist now after her response! I may pop into a different surgery just on the border and see if they deal with both like you said...thanks

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Sun 16-Aug-09 19:37:27

Maybe you and your DD don't need to have teh same address?

If you are only down the road presumably you could get to your old surgery if you need to get your DD there in an emergency, and she can stay registered there, using your mum's address-just for as long as she sees teh speech therapist. A bit sneaky, but quite understandable-you don't want to disrupt her treatment now.

Then you could register yourself with new GP ready for your MW care.

I sympathise-I had to find a new GP during my pregnancy with DD, and found it very stressful. The surgery that I want to be with were not taking on new patients at the time, but I spoke to someone at the Trust, and they spoke directly to the surgery for me that day, and made sure that I got what I wanted.

Good luck!

maybebaby23 Sun 16-Aug-09 19:50:06

Oh. My. GOSH. you are a total star thank you so much for replying!! Thats it, i will move on my own!! I can sort DD out later!! Why didnt i think of that?!

Thanks a lot!! grin

pooka Sun 16-Aug-09 22:49:51

PCPlum - why didn't I think of that! grin

Makes perfect sense - absolutely no reason that I know of why OP shouldn't have a different (local) doctor. Though may be worthwhile working out whether changing dd at a later date would effect her accessing the speech therapist, just because is useful to have a doctor at least willing to do home visits if necessary for your dd, and to get post and all.

maybebaby23 Mon 17-Aug-09 09:27:55

Thanks for your help pooka. I will have to move DD after her therapy because the doctor wont come here to see her. Its silly really as we are closer to the surgery than our other house!! Just a different postcode! Im hoping this therapy will only last another couple of months and then we will move her and maybe have to pay out for a private session with a speech therapist if its needed once she has completed this therapy.

I think its all straight in my head now lol. I don't like being sneaky like this at all but i can't let DD down

I think im going to leave it until the last minute (baby due december) and when it comes to needing midwives to visit our house i will say we have only just moved..and beg them to just finish my visits and sign us off and then i will change doctor! Do you think they will do that?? Hopefully DD will be at the end of the therapy by then too so it should all be ok. If she hasn't finished i will just change doctor myself..

Does that make sense? Grrr its going round and round in my head! Thanks for your help and advice, very much appreciated

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