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2nd Baby - have forgotten everything. Do I need to do a refresher class at local hospital ?

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Toppy Sun 16-Aug-09 18:31:40

Am a month off from having #2 and already have an 18m DS. Have just come back from holiday which I was not able to think beyond and am now faced with the final month to birth. For some reason I have gone into a minor panic. Spent first day back packing hospital bag, washing newborn clothes, sorting nursery stuff and ironing bits (DH whispered 'nesting' to DS on seeing this).
This evening my big panic is now focused on how I have forgotten everything I learnt at NCT first time round.
Specifically at what point do I go to hospital and also what to do at each stage of labour?
First time round I do remember timing contractions but think I ended up going in when I could not stand it any more and got to hospital at 8cm dilated. Then the midwife guided me through pushing stage (all flipping SIX hours of it)so I guess that the same will happen again and I did not actually use much of what I had learnt.

However, because I have not done classes this time round I am scared I will forget something. The hospital (different one to first time round) offers a refresher one Tuesday a month but I would have to ask friend to look after DS over lunch and lunchtime nap which is a bit much.

Can you offer any tips for
a) when to go in
b) what to when actually in labour

domesticslattern Sun 16-Aug-09 20:10:04

Personally I would do the refresher class. You're using words like "panic" and "scared", so I'd hope your friend could cope with DS or you could ask someone else like DH to take some time off work?

If you can't do that, rather than rely on MN, I'd buy a decent book and give it a read. Or get one out of the library. I found the chapters on birth in "What to expect when you're expecting" pretty good.

HTH and good luck.

Aranea Sun 16-Aug-09 20:17:51

Definitely do the refresher class, especially since you're giving birth at a different hospital this time around.

I went to a refresher evening when I was pg with dd2 and it was very helpful - everyone was able to ask specific questions about when it would be sensible to go in, etc.

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