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2 c-section and 1 vbac, do I have to have a c-s?

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Deeeja Sun 16-Aug-09 01:26:13

Basically I had a vaginal delivery, then two c-sections, and then a vbac. Yet the hospital I am booked into are trying to push me into another c-section. I am due in 6 weeks.
I asked for explanation why, and apparently I should never have been 'allowed' to have vbac last time, midwife's words.
I am now feeling bullied. Even though I tried hard to vbac last time, and I succeeded, there was atleast a supportive senior midwife, who was lovely. This time I feel kind of alone. I feel bullied. There is no good reason for a c-s, and I don't trust any of the midwives, they seem like a load of interfering ninnies, with no training.....
I am determined to vbac again, and know to go to hosp at the last minute, insist on no monitoring, last time, I just removed the monitor and went for a walk.
Hmm, maybe I should do that again..

CarmenSanDiego Sun 16-Aug-09 01:39:20

Is an independent midwife an option?

Or a doula?

A VBAC is possible, but I think you need good support from your caregivers.

I found this website that has a whole load of studies referenced.


From what I can see, there might be a /slightly/ increased risk of uterine rupture, but evidence is contradictory on this and it still remains a tiny risk.

The success rate is lower if the reasons for the C Sections is something that will repeat but as you've already had a VBAC, this doesn't apply.

I think you've got a great case for a VBAC - you just need to arm yourself with evidence and ideally find some people who can support you.

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