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Chiropractic treatment to get pelvis in good alignment for quicker/easier birth - has anyone had it?

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lovelylullaby Sat 15-Aug-09 22:06:31

I'm due with baby no 2 in October and have read the benefits of visiting a chiropractor in your third trimester so they can align your pelvis to get it/the baby into a good position for birth.

DS was back to back for most of my labour because I was induced and the contractions weren't strong enough to get him into the best position. I'm very keen to avoid this happening again and want to do all I can to get this baby in a good position. I do pilates and am hoping that the space already created inside by DS will mean i'll not get another back to back.

Has anyone visited a chiropractor for treatment to aid with birth and did you find it helped?

mummy2JJ Sun 16-Aug-09 12:26:36

I am a physiotherapist and I don't offer any treatment like this to my patients. If I were you, i would ask for the 'evidence' for this type of approach i.e. can the chiropractor provide you with any references/ randomised controlled trials which have shown this approach to be safe and beneficial before you consider it. hmm

KatyS36 Sun 16-Aug-09 14:24:28

Have had back problems in the past, and have found manipulative therapy to work when _nothing else did_. I've also have a really back experience from a chiropractor insiting on fiddling with my neck and causing all sorts of problems.

I'd be extremely reluctant to visit a chiropractor unless there was a problem that mainstream physio hadn't solved and I couldn't live with.

helips Sun 16-Aug-09 20:10:46

I see a chiropractor about once a month because of back problems. During pregnancy with ds he gave me treatment to align my pelvis to help with labour but I still ended up with ds being back to back and had an em cs. This time round I still am having treatment as I go anyway for my back so thought, why not? However, not going to get my hopes up and will try other things like sitting on birthing ball and sitting upright.

lovelylullaby Mon 17-Aug-09 11:11:13

Thanks for advice, I think I'll leave it and if it looks like I'm going to be induced again I'll arrange an appointment.

exasperatedmum Mon 17-Aug-09 14:46:10

I see a chiropractor regularly as my pelvis was out of alignment following first birth. It didn't prevent ds being back to back, but I believe it did help me to recover more quickly and to be in much better shape. I practised yoga, only slept on one side, and didn't sit on the sofa for 20 weeks - only sat on my birthing ball. Still didn't prevent ds being back to back though!

lovelylullaby Mon 17-Aug-09 20:42:13

Yikes! I know there's no guarantee when it comes to the big day, which position they will be in. I'm just slightly terrified of the birth because DS was back to back and they refused to give me an epidural or pethidine to help with the pain.

Thankfully he turned into a better position for the actual birth.

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