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Hypnobirthing - who has done it, please come and tell me :)

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devotion Sat 15-Aug-09 12:28:56


I am pregnant with my third child and my two previous births were traumatic mainly because both babies took a few moments to start breathing because the cord around their necks.

Gas and air
Pethedine (actually quite enjoyed it but was away with the fairies so decided to not to use it again)

feelings on it:
Crying, scared, praying, felt out of control and thinking i was going to die!

From 32 weeks on listened to a birth relaxtion cd that helps you prepare for childbirth using visualisation techniiques.

Gas & air
Visualisation techniques
breathing techiniques

feelings on it:
At first was not scared, relaxed, allowed my body to take over and turned all primal, no talking, eyes closed, focused and low groaning etc
I felt like i was in total control all the way up to fully dilated then i was told my waters were intact still, baby was too high to break waters and so i could not push.

i lost it at that point and the pain just came out of nowhere, i was a total mess and could not get back on my calm train of thought like i had been.

for the next 4 hours i cried, prayed, felt like i was dying AGAIN and after she came out i felt so cross with myself wished i have been able to stay focused. i think i just needed some extra time learning different techiniques.

i am now 4 months pregnant thinking that if i learn about hynobirthing now i will be able to labour the whole way calmly like i almost did the 2nd time. i dont want it to be a scary experience again because i know it does not have to be.

can you tell me your experience of hynobirthing, at what stage of pregnancy did you start, did you go to classes or just learb from a book and cd etc.

thank you

devotion Sat 15-Aug-09 12:29:45

i can not explain my bad typing - sorry!

BoBoo Sat 15-Aug-09 12:44:03

Hi devotion

Why can't you push if you're waters haven't broken? Just had dd2 at home in water and waters didn't break until she was born. Listened to hypnobirthing cd a few times but didn't get on with it that well, but found the Marie Mongan book really useful and practiced the breathing techniques in there. Just used tens and the pool and let my body get on with it, but the breathing was really helpful in managing things. I declined vaginal exams throughout as I didn't to interupt the process or my focus or be told when to push etc and I'm glad that I did. The midwife wasn't really happy with that and wasn't happy with me getting into the pool without being examined but I felt I was far enough along and baby came pretty quickly and I felt like I was in control. I knew what was happening so it didn't matter to me that the midwife felt that she didn't.

Not sure if any of that is helpful or not. Hypnobirthing is pretty much visualisation and breathing techniques, so it sounds like exactly what you did with dd2. You just need to build on what you already know and do it again for this one. It sounds like you did really well last time - good luck and I hope everything turns out as you hope.

devotion Sat 15-Aug-09 14:12:08

BoBoo - thank you!

The baby was to high so they said I could not push? Not sure why to be honest.

Plus because she was too high up the would not break my waters in case i got a prolapsed cord.

I just wonder why she was not born until 9am when i was fully dilated at 5am?

I really lost control at 5am because i thought i had done most of the work and all i had to do was push but i had another 4 hours to go!

BoBoo Tue 18-Aug-09 18:48:20


I was thinking, maybe you'd find it helpful to get a doula this time round - then you know you have someone to get you back on track and keep you calm. I just had one for my second birth and she was great. If you can find one in your area that's traning then they only charge £150.

mummydoula Tue 18-Aug-09 19:48:23


I agree with BoBoo that a doula could really help you out. It sounds like you were doing so well the second time, really in tune with your body and focused. Try not to let your other births impact too much on this one, they are all so different so try to start with an open mind. Doulas can significantly reduce the need for pain-relief, ES and intervention so it's worth having a look.

spidermam Wed 19-Aug-09 22:18:22

I had a bad time first time round and had post traumatic stress afterwards. Natalhypnotherapy was recommended to me by a midwife. I probably listened to it about 5-6 times throughout my pregnancy so didn't expect it to work.
I found it was really helpful. I was really calm, and coped with the pain well. I felt I lost it during the second stage when I started pushing.
I'm pregnant again. My intention is to listen to the cds more this time and hopefully I'll be fully in control the whole way through!! Here's hoping....!

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