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Anyone tell me what Frimley Park is like for caesarians?

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Kyte Fri 14-Aug-09 08:24:41

I'm going to be having a cs at Frimley Park in November.

When we went on the ward tour, they didn't seem at all interested in letting me know anything about it. It was a case of, well you won't need to see the labour ward and you'll be in this post cs ward for a day...but that was it.

Can anyone share their experience so that I know what to expect both for the op and afterwards?


mumtoallgirls Tue 25-Aug-09 21:41:15

I've had three sections there. The one planned section was fairly relaxed. u go in early in the morning. u wait for your time, they do your obs, they take u down, u have your pain relief, have a chat and hay, the baby is there. The staff are ok, depending on who u have, but thats the same for all hospitals. The people who really care are the assistances and the tea lady. Get in with them and the care is alot better
After a few days u go home. Hope thats alittle helpful. Its hard to know what to write, post questions if i havent helped and i'll see if i can help u.
Good luck!

Kyte Tue 25-Aug-09 22:28:13

Thank you. OK, some questions wink:

Do they let you have immediate skin to skin contact?

Can you take your own cd in?

Can you have the screen down?

Is dh allowed in the recovery room? (and is it a room or a ward?)

When do they take the catheter out?

How much help do you get with getting the baby out of the cot etc?

When are mealtimes? blush

Piffle Tue 25-Aug-09 22:30:56

Just a note, Prince Edwards Wife Sophie had their child there by emergency c section :0)
I had a normla birth there and found it really nice, the tour was CRAP, but the actual team when it counted were AMAZING. This was 7 years ago mind.
Good luck!

madwomanintheattic Tue 25-Aug-09 22:33:02

lol piffle, i was just about to say that! grin

mumtoallgirls Tue 25-Aug-09 23:04:55

ok, i'll see what i can do

Yes had skin to skin contact

they told me i could take my own cd, i didn't. to be honest i was so anxious and concentrating on the event, wouldnt have heard it!

The screen came down as they pulled her out. Not all the way.Have a fantastic photo of her and the surgeon peaking over the screen! Had to make a point of asking them to do this for me. If u r squimish dont look in the light above, reflects!

recovery is generally in the ward. its a bay of mums recovering from sections etc. Ur in there for 24hrs, they then generally take the catherter out the next day. when they r happy u r moving around and weeing ok. My dh was in recovery i think??? then they have to stick to visiting times.

They do help u abit with the baby. u have to push a buzzer and wait. Thats the worst bit! it can be a long wait. Hence why i said get to know the assistants. they are amazing. i couldnt have done it without them. The midwifes try but have other priorities!

mealtimes....oh i can't remember, know i was starving. think it was 8, 12, 6. With warm cheese and broken biscuits for elevenses and snacks?! you pick your meals from a choice of meals to tempt your taste buds....but then theres always macdonalds at farnborough gate!

As for sophie, theres a lovely picture of her on the wall, looking alot more elegant than i when i leave there!!!!!!

hope that helps

Kyte Fri 28-Aug-09 12:57:42

Thank you. So:

I'll need to bring in some snacks for the early morning etc (I wake up at 6am at the latest...and I'm lactose intolerant)

I'll need to drink plenty to get my waterworks going - Can you get hot water? (I'm thinking peppermint tea would help, so I could bring some teabags with me)

I'll need to smile though the pain and be lovely in spite of the hormones so that the HCA's like me?

I'll need to ask for screen down & skin to skin, but it is possible. Fab.

Sorry, more questions:

Is it better to just keep the baby in bed with you during the day? (I'm thinking in a sling or resting on my chest)

Will they wake you up for night feeds if you have a sleepy/jaundiced baby? (they didn't in the SE London hospital where I had ds and he got dehydrated....)

Can you feed on the ward at night?

How easy is it to sit up and get your baby out of the cot? When did you manage it by yourself?


mumtoallgirls Fri 28-Aug-09 21:49:57

Your own snacks are good, but they should also cater for your dietary needs. 6am....maybe new baby and section might just help u get a lay in

u can make your own tea and coffee, bring your own tea. Theres a kitchen u can use. (for drinks only) the tea lady comes round a few times in the day...

My experience is the HCAS are fab. They've heard me use a few choice words in my time. So not too much smiling is needed They seem to treat u with more dignity and are a real help. Especially those who have been around for a while.

see how u feel after your section, before u decide how to be during the day with your baby. I would say dont expect a sling. You'll be surprised how much u use your stomach muscles. But all r different. My last two i had in the bed with me, just tucked in at the side. My youngest got too used to it, as we were there a while and now only co-sleeps!! My eldest was a mixured of cot and on the bed with me. The ward is so hot, so thats something else to bare in mind.

They will wake u up. But i'd make sure u tell them to. They get busy and things can get lost.

You can feed on the ward, theres also a feeding room. The midwifes tend to really push breast feeding there. But they do have formula, prepared if u choose or have to use.

The first night i struggled and needed help to feed. With my first i struggled for ages, but had ga, second had a catheter in for a while, so was difficult but was able to lift her out after 24hrs, 3rd was again ga and had loads of other issues. Day three was able to lift her out. Elective for me was alot easier. Doesnt seem to hurt for as long.

Main thing is not to expect too much from yourself, you'll find your own way. After i had my first i very stupidly went straight to sainsburys on the way home. Longest and most painful trip to sainsburys in my life!! With the others, had to keep reminding myself not to pick my toddlers up, even tho i felt better. Got them to sit at the side of me.

Frimley are ok. If i had to, i would go back there.

Kyte Sat 29-Aug-09 06:37:06

Thank you, that's answered loads of my questions smile

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