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Is this the start?

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bettybets Fri 14-Aug-09 00:12:14

i'm 38 + 3 and have been getting a dull ache in my pubic area for the past two nights, its nothing severe, just a dull annoying ache. My miwife gave me the birth talk a few weeks ago and told me only to phone the hospital when i'm getting contractions every 3 minutes. Well this isn't a pain which comes or goes, it just an ache for an hour or two then i'm just left sore. As if i'm on my period mild & achey.

I've not lost a plug yet, so it can't be the start of labour? I'd just like to know what it is? Any ideas

DaisymooSteiner Fri 14-Aug-09 00:25:02

It could be to do with ligaments stretching or the baby's head engaging. It might be the start of something, but even if it is, it could be days yet before you're in established labour. Good luck.

Sn0wflake Fri 14-Aug-09 09:28:02

I've been getting something like that on and off for weeks at night so it may not indicate anything immediate. I'm 39 + 2.

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