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Home birth with SPD

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woohoo42 Thu 26-May-05 16:43:40

Hi, I'm 32 weeks pg with no.2, and have SPD - not so bad, on crutches but coping most of the time. Saw mw today - I told my mw at 12 weeks that I wanted a hb, but she has changed teams, and this lot knew nothing about it allegedly (I have seen the paperwork - it's in my notes! Anyway, apparently my pelvis might "give way" during labour, or I might find the pain too much, and she thinks I ought to transfer.WTF? First, I haven't heard of any pelvic damage being caused during labour EXCEPT through e.g. epidural masking the pain so you open your legs too far. I had no pain relief with my first baby (noone believed I was in labour until it was too late - 45 min labour!)Please, please tell me if I am missing something, as I can only think of the way I was forced into the lithotomy position for last labour and treated with all the care and dignity you would give a worm. Can't imagine that that would be too good for SPD either. Sorry so long, just feeling really upset.
gail, 32 wks

bonym Thu 26-May-05 16:53:18

One of the women I was at aqua-natal classes with was planning her 3rd home water birth and she had SPD and was on crutches. The previous time she had been in a wheelchair with it but still had her baby at home in a hired birthing pool. Apparently water is the best place to labour if you have SPD as it enables you to move around more easily. Have you considered a pool? I believe that the lithotomy position is the worst position possible if you have SPD and you should make whoever attends you aware that you have the condition so that you are not forced into this position, thus causing any damage. Good luck.

mcmudda Thu 26-May-05 16:58:30

I'm 38 weeks with SPD, but in a slightly different position cos I had an emergency section last time so will be in hospital this time (through choice).

However as far as I understand you are entitled to have your baby anywhere you wish and although medical professionals may advise against it, it's ultimately your choice.

I would have thought as long as your birth plan was clear for the midwives, there shouldn't be a problem with SPD and a homebirth - it's not a problem with the baby's health after all.

From what I've heard the pain from SPD is soon forgotten when the contractions kick in and as long as your carers are aware of your pain-free gap and your instructions on positions, then it's more about minimising the possibilty of long term damage not avoiding SPD pain.

I've been told the only thing the hospital will insist on is that I am monitored at the start for at least 20 mins, thenI'm free to move around (ha ha) etc - but that's because of my last birth and nothing to do with my SPD.

Does your physio think there's a risk of your pelvis giving way? i wonder if there;s any way s/he could be on hand at the birth to help out or at least put some guidelines down on paper for your carers?

Much sympathy - and feel free to vent again if necessary!!

motherinferior Thu 26-May-05 17:01:27

I had a home birth with SPD although it was not as bad as yours. I've also written a bit on the condition if you want to CAT me.

gish Wed 01-Jun-05 22:24:23

Sorry about the SPD, I know how painful it is. I don't think you should have to transfer though. If it were me, I would contact my m/w team leader, supervisor of m/w or head of m/w (whichever) and discuss with them. I would also contct AIMS :

Homebirth Support Co-ordinator:
Telephone 0870 765 1447

and let them know what has been going on, they will be very supportive and offer ou lots of info and help.

I had fairly bad SPD with no. 2 and had a homebirth, no probs - you do almost "forget" about the SPD in labour and the important thing is to have birth partners that know about the condition and can help guide you into the right positions (legs not too far apart etc).

You are more likely to get that kind of care at home as you may well have met you midwife or in the least you will be getting one to one care from somone who is aware of your SPD.

I would not have liked to be in hospital for my 2nd birth as m/w cannot always offer you one to one, shift changes and a busy ward etc.

Like you I had a quick first labour and knew 2nd may also be quick (it was) - I didn't want to be travelling in to hospital.

Do CAT me if you want to talk more.

busyalexsmummy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:22:06

I think that with all the research that has been done on home births that it is one of the safest ways to give birth.

My experience with spd with ds was that i went over 2 weeks past edd and was induced/epidural/stirrups, everything that shouldnt have happened in case they damaged me even more, but they didnt read my birth plan, nor did they take much notice of me trying to tell them I had spd.

I have to say gish is right in the fact that you do "forget" about the pain of the spd whilst in labour(unbeleivable as it sounds now whilst your in so much pain!) and you concentrate more on your labour and your contractions.

I personally cant see any reason why you cant have a home birth and i beleive this could be one of the safest options for you, as long as its planned, your well organised and you are prepared to go into hospital if anything should happen that couldnt be dealt with at home.

Unless there are other factors other than your spd I cant see why they dont want you to have a hb, the only injuries to spd sufferers Ive heard about is when they are given epidural/put in stirrups etc, and being at home, theres no chance that any of those things could effect you.

please let us know what happens with this and what your m/w says as my 2nd is due nov and already have spd back and was contenplating a hb myself and would be very intrested to hear what they say about it, gd luck xx

woohoo42 Sat 04-Jun-05 17:20:19

Well, mw has now said she needs to come out to "inspect" my house. And has also pre warned me that if my haemoglobin is below 9, that I will not be "allowed" a hb. Methinks she is not as supportive as her predecessor? We went for a tour of the hospital, just me and dh as not having ante natal classes, and it was all "this is where you will labour..." "this is where you will go after baby is born." I'm going to see how it goes this week, as she has thus far not been interested in discussing birth plans. If I still feel that she is being negative, I'm going to call in the big guns!!I know this area has a habit of transferring people in v. late pg.

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