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Uncomfortable bottom pains If it isnt early labour, what could it be?

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milkmummy1 Wed 12-Aug-09 20:05:02

The last few days ive been getting pains up bottom and today it hurts when i sit down, feels like my very lower back/bum is bruised. What concerns me is that the early stages of my last labour began with bum pains this when i was 35 weeks. This time however im just coming up to 33 weeks and im naturally very worried about the implications of the baby being born this early.
I rang the mat unit and they said as i dont have any tightenings its probably just the head dropping down into the pelvis but at the last MW appointment the baby was still breech and i feel like the baby is still quite high up.
I really hope its not labour this early but what else can bowel pain be towards the end of the pregnancy? has anyone else had this?
Thank you

milkmummy1 Wed 12-Aug-09 20:55:02

Forgot to mention I have also been feeling very very strange in my mind today, like I have the worst PMT ever! Have been crying at the thought of baby in an incubator and me not being able to breastfeed it. Have also had 2 bouts of diorrhea.

chrysanthamumm Wed 12-Aug-09 22:47:56

Could baby have turned and be back to back?

blinder Thu 13-Aug-09 00:56:33

I think that in your shoes I would pop in for a check just to put my mind at rest.

Why not try the midwives again - they usually insist that if in doubt, pop in.

I think it could be lots of things - Im 36 weeks now and had similar bum cramps last week which turned into nothing. But just don't stay at home fretting smile!

JoesMummy09 Thu 13-Aug-09 01:15:30

It could be the baby's head. When DS became fully engaged I felt like I had been kicked in the fanjo. Hard.

I'd be wondering about the diarrhoea though as that can be an indication labour will be soon... but could also be sign that there's not a lot of room in there and your body's making bit more space, or that you've eaten something dodgy!

Get the midwife to have a look at you. Best to have your mind put at rest.

kitkatqueen Thu 13-Aug-09 01:41:00

Hi MM1,

OK, this could be lots of things, but ultimatley it sounds as tho you went through a horrible experience last time and have every right to feel anxious this time round - don't let anyone make you feel like you are worrying about nothing. If you really don't want to speak with that midwife again then remember that shift change is usually 7.30am and 7.30pm. ring in again.

Get yourself checked over and speak to your gp about the way you have been feeling today. It can't hurt and could help.

You could easily have eaten something dodgy or it could be piles or stretching ligaments, but if you don't go to see someone you won't know.

Good luck...

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