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Hypnobirthing - Bath/Bristol?

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QTPie Wed 12-Aug-09 10:53:34

I see that there are several courses here: one taught by Eva Kraemer and one by Jai Gallen. Does anyone have experience of either of these courses?


ActionCat Wed 12-Aug-09 11:01:41

I've just finished the one by Eva Kraemer and found it to be very good. The class was small - only 3 couples - so we got plenty of individual attention. I also liked that it was divided up into more sessions than the other one - I did 5 x 2.5hr evenings whereas the other one was over a weekend. I'm normally a fan of intensive courses but I really felt that it was useful to have time to digest everything and get some practice in before the next session.

If there's any particular questions you have, just ask!

QTPie Thu 13-Aug-09 10:06:29

Thank you very much, ActionCat. That all makes sense.

I am a little under 16 weeks, so I am looking quite early, but I like to be organised.

I have sent an email to Eva to enquire more about when and where she will run courses later in the year (I guess that I am probably looking for a course around November time).

At what venue was your course held?


ActionCat Thu 13-Aug-09 12:21:20

The course was held at Emmaus House in Clifton (with parking!)

QTPie Thu 13-Aug-09 13:49:38

Thanks very much ActionCat - parking is always a help (managed to get a parking ticket in Bristol a couple of nights back - I had no idea that the paid street parking was in effect up until midnight! We parked at 7.30pm and it just didn't cross my mind to check the ticket machine for times... very annoying).


KSoD Sun 20-Sep-09 10:51:57

Hi All, my husband and I attended the Hypno birthing classes delivered by Jai and her husband Kieran and found them excellent. Jai and Kieran really know their stuff - both are nurses and Kieran is a midwife as well as being Hypnobirthing practicioners so they were able to answer a whole range of questions. The sessions were very informative but delivered in such a way that the info was easy to digest and the handouts etc. are excellent. Plus, we had fun! Jai and Kieran made us and the other 3 couples feel very welcome and relaxed and on both days there was as much laughter as there was learning. The sessions are delivered in Jai and Kieran's home which added to the feeling of being relaxed and welcome, parking on their road was never a problem and they provided an endless supply of drinks and healthy snacks. The classes have totally changed my attitude to giving birth - I now feel very positive about the whole process, certain fears were allayed and I can't wait for it all to happen! Best of luck with whichever course you choose and for the rest of your pregnancy. Karen

weelassieball Fri 03-Jun-11 10:41:07

I have just finished a Hypno Birthing course with Leyla and James Fellows at Purely Pregnant - I can't recommend it enough. They were both excellent in delivering all the course materials and very open and honest when answering questions. I haven't experienced the birth yet so can't let you know how it helped me in the end, but at the moment I'm feeling very confident and relaxed about it and actually looking forward to the experience. They also run a fantastic yoga course at the Clifton Relaxation Centre and at the moment are running an offer so if you book onto their Hypno Birthing course you get 4 free yoga sessions.

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