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vaginal stitches...

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illgetyoubutler Sun 09-Aug-09 22:21:13

do you think its possible to refuse stitches after labour? if the tear is small, like a 1st or second degree tear? if I could, is there a special 'routine' I would have to follow to make sure I heal properly IYSWIM? I dont want to be stitched!! sad

mummylin2495 Sun 09-Aug-09 22:35:17

I only had a very small tear after my second baby ,but they said I needed a stitch for cosmetic reasons ???? why i have no idea but at that time i didnt even think to ask

mummylin2495 Sun 09-Aug-09 22:36:15

i would think plenty of salt water baths would help ,but im sure someone with more knowledge can answer you better than i

skybright Sun 09-Aug-09 22:37:52

I guess i would trust the midwifes judgement,when i had all three of mine i had torn enough to need stiches but when my sister had her son the midwife said it was borderline and it was up to her.

She did not have any and has been fine.

When i had my stiches i used the gas an air,i won't lie it was sore the second and third time i had them but only while having the local and in especially tender bits. They were not sore afterwards even the first pee.

pooka Sun 09-Aug-09 22:45:53

I was stitched after dd, when I had a definite second degree tear. Had had an epidural (which IMO contributed to the tear, because I jsut went hell for leather with the pushing and did no panting because of mixed messages).

Then had ds, and a rather less severe 2nd degree tear. Was beautifully stitched. Felt nothing, was still on gas and air more for the afterpains than for anything else - they suck and I didn't have them at all first time round.

Personally I would leave the judgement to the midwife. I think that if they can avoid stitching they will - no point stitching a graze or a very minor tear that would be likely to heal naturally anyway. May depend on the position of the tear as well as the depth/severity.

But to reassure you (at least a little), neither time was I in any discomfort from the stitching and was high on endorphins feeding beautiful babies each time. I will be honest though and say that the first time, the stitch job was rather too effective and I did end up having to have a fenton's (?) procedure which is basically a restitch when dd was 7 months. That was horrible because no endorphins, was in op theatre and felt much more invasive and intrusive than the post-natal stitching.

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