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did you use castor oil to start labour ?

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loganberry12 Sun 09-Aug-09 20:33:06

if you did what was your experience? did it work? i did this with my last pregnancy and had the baby within 4 hours of taking the first dose and 45 minutes of taking the second, but was already having contractions before hand.The labour was natural and straight forward and i had a healthy baby weighing 8lb at 37 weeks pregnant. It was 14 years ago but i cant remember having bad diarrhea or feeling sick just had strong contractions and went for a bath to ease them my waters broke and 45 minutes later he was born. Im asking because ive been in slow labour for a weeks now very uncomfortable strong braxton hicks back ache ect and was thinking of trying the castor oil again, im 37 weeks pregnant.

MamaG Sun 09-Aug-09 23:13:23

I've heard that its not really recommended loganbery

NotaGoddess Sun 09-Aug-09 23:16:20

I wouldnt, its quite dangerous(eg risk of baby passing meconium)and if your body is not actually ready to go into labour, all its likely to do is make you vomit and give you the runs(badly). best best thing to get labour started is sex IME

PudsMum Mon 10-Aug-09 01:05:22

Have you tried baths with Clary Sage oil in? It really worked to kickstart my early labour into the real thing.

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