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i am still bing 10 months after child birth,,, HELP!!!

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caytonjay Tue 04-Aug-09 01:29:55

hi, im 23 and had my baby 10 and a half months ago. i am still bleeding and if i have a break its only for a few days and im heavy.
i went on the depo when i first had my baby and my gp said that this could be the reason how ever i stopped the depo and had in the inplant and nothing as changed, it has not got any better or any worse.
i had a realli bad labour with 2nd degree tear and 2 cuts, lost 3 an half pints of blood and had to have a transfusion.
im really worried as to why i am still bleeding after all this time... as anyone ever expirienced this? and if so can you help please , thank you, emma x

Sn0wflake Tue 04-Aug-09 04:52:31

Have you been to the doctor recently. Personally this sounds like question for a professional. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.

ben5 Tue 04-Aug-09 04:58:40

go and see the doctor. if not your heath visitor if you get on better with her.

beanstalk Tue 04-Aug-09 06:33:15

Have they checked for retained placenta? I bled for 7 months and kept going to my gp, who didn't know why. It is very unusual to have retained placenta and no infection - which is why the gp ruled it out for me. Finally after 7 months she referred me for a gynae ultrasound and there was a tiny piece of placenta left, about 1cm, which was enough to keep bleeding without causing other symptoms. I had a d&c and it stopped. If I were you I would ask for a scan as this is the only way they can work out what is going on. You have my full sympathy by the way, it was horrible bleeding all the time. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Fayrazzled Tue 04-Aug-09 07:09:54

You poor thing! If you're GP can't help you (and I think you should make an appointment to see him/her asap)then I think you are entirely within your rights to ask for a referral to see a gynaecologist. If they won't see another GP in the pracice- you can't go on like this. Also, has your GP run any blood tests to see if you are anaemic too? This is a possibility given the length of time you have been bleeding.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

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