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Is this labour? Or my body just evil for shits and giggles?

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MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 19:00:38


This is DS2... for DS1 I was having 1min long contractions every 6 minutes for like, 2 days before I went into hospital, and I was induced at 42+5.

This time however, I started having what felt like contractions last night, for about 40 seconds every 4 minutes.

They were very manageable and I was able to sleep through them... I don't really notice them when I am standing/walking but I def do when sitting.

Still the same thing, only feel them when I am relaxing, but still every 4-5 mins, last between 40-50 seconds.

Waters intact, so is plug!

What's my body doing?! I am 37 weeks.

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 19:14:34

I knew this was you at shits and giggles before I even read the name

Erm, no help though, have you packed your bag grin

BlueSmarties Fri 31-Jul-09 19:15:35

Could be Braxton Hicks?

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 19:18:40

Would BH's go on for so long though?!

LOL Bumper yeah it's me, you know me too well ;)
Bag is packed!

BlueSmarties Fri 31-Jul-09 19:23:15

Just realised what your name is - v.funny.

I had BHs for 4 months coz of a car accident :-) oh happy days. If it was labour wouldn't it have kicked in properly by now?

Depends if you feel ready to get that baby out but if I was you I'd have a shagathon then go for a jog followed by half a pint and a curry - you'll know for sure if its for real then.

oneopinionatedmother Fri 31-Jul-09 19:25:45

agree with bluesmarties: good luck!
ing ang ooo!!

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 19:25:56

Don't do a curry! Just don't.

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 19:27:50

I just ate half a pint of ice cream, does that count? grin

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 19:45:22

getting much stronger now...hmmmmm

maxbear Fri 31-Jul-09 19:48:10

How fab if you go in to labour 3 weeks early after being 3 weeks late last time grin

Having said that sometimes with second babies you do get a lot of painful bh's for the last few weeks, but not usually that regular for a long period. fingers crossed xx

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 19:48:13

I'd probably be getting DH to step up to the breach at this stage to hurry things along.

I have no idea though sorry! DD was 5-6 hours!

GentlyDoesIt Fri 31-Jul-09 19:48:18

I am 37 weeks too and not having any contractions, but I wouldn't mind a bit of BlueSmarties wisdom for myself. That sounds like the best night out I've had in months.

Good luck MakkaPakkasWilly - I agree, try a few old wives' tales to help you make your mind up. Nipple tweaking is supposed to help (I read somewhere that you need to do it 3 times a day for an hour each. Perhaps you could employ someone part-time? )

BlueSmarties Fri 31-Jul-09 19:52:14

that'll be the real thing then. do u have a handy trampoline u could jump on- sorry just a assuming all mum's are like me and want the pregnancy over asap.

BlueSmarties Fri 31-Jul-09 19:54:01

like the nipple tweaking idea - kill 2 birds with 1 stone as your nipples will be super hard ready for breast feeding,

LittleMissNorty Fri 31-Jul-09 19:57:44

When this happened to me (for 3 days) I was told at the hospital that early labour can last for days. Once my waters leaked though, they were much more interested.

Hope this is it for you smile

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 20:06:55

I WANT my waters to break or something

I would love to employ these suggestions of sex/trampolining/walking etc, but alas evil SPD means that anything active is out of the question, I can barely walk!

I just had to go to the loo as well hmm

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 20:10:52

Can you just get DH to shove the stuff up there with a turkey baster or something (do people really have turkey basters?). I think it's just the prostaglandins or something you need to get things going (the same thing they use when inducing you, except that is from a pig or something. Where do I get this stuff from? Oh yeah - here!).

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 20:14:07

I have a turkey baster!

I'll talk to DH about it but I think he prefers to think of me as someone that doesn't put kitchen implements up her vaj grin

MakkaPakkasWilly Fri 31-Jul-09 20:18:10

They are still going but less painful after going to the loo

I am really really tired - I am going to try and get some kip as if this thing really does kick off I am going to need all the rest I can get. Will post later!

GentlyDoesIt Fri 31-Jul-09 20:25:49

Good luck!

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 20:31:59

I've got crochet hooks in various sizes if that will help. Not a kitchen implement!

BlueSmarties Sat 01-Aug-09 08:09:02

Hello -its been hours.Is there a baby yet. Have you run out of kitchen implements?

MakkaPakkasWilly Sat 01-Aug-09 08:19:59

Nope, no baby yet
Still having contractions but not as regular and I was able to sleep mostly ok so I guess it's NOTHING.

BlueSmarties Sat 01-Aug-09 08:33:08

How frustrating - especially with the SPD - that sucks.

MakkaPakkasWilly Sat 01-Aug-09 08:42:51

They are still happening but not as strong (the ones last night were taking my breath away) and not as regular.
I suspect they eased off overnight and may start up again as the day goes on... but to be honest until I have something worth taking to the hospital I am just stuck here wonder wtf is my body doing!

I have had BH's before but never lasting this long, I am on day 3!

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