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Aromatherapy/Homeopathy used during labour - does anyone have experience?

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AliBean Thu 30-Jul-09 11:40:49

I am looking into all possible pain relief and don't seem to be able to find a lot of anecdotal evidence for the benefits of aromatherapy or homeopathy (except on the sites which sell the oils/kits!hmm)

Does anyone have experience of using these during labour?

Do they help?

Or are they more like "distraction" therapy?

Any responses gratefully received - before I invest!!

dinny Thu 30-Jul-09 11:41:56

used a homeopathtic birthing kit with dd2 - afraid didn't even touch the sides for me sad

GinaFordAteMyBaby Thu 30-Jul-09 11:47:55

I'm planning on using lavendar oil at my homebirth and have some clary sage to try if labour slows down - birth is imminent so will let you know how it goes! For me the lavendar is just part of trying to create a relaxing atmosphere, am not expecting any miracles.

amidaiwish Thu 30-Jul-09 11:53:44

i took arnica during labour and 48 hours post birth. think it helped with healing. who knows though.

puffylovett Thu 30-Jul-09 23:38:17

I swore by my homeopathy, but then I use it a lot anyway.

I used - Pulsatilla for when weepy and pathetic - I was in the bath panicking, suddenly remembered I had some, popped some and within minutes was back in control.

I also was popping chamomilla at the rate of knots for pain.

I also tried Caullophylum to induce, but it only really works to speed things up if your body is ready.

I used arnica throughout and aconite afterward when I went into shock from a very fast and easy delivery (couldn't quite believe DS was mine !)

I tore & needed a couple of stitches because it was fast - but ultimately only needed a few minutes of G&A, the rest I breathed through.

I felt it really worked for me. Clary sage didn't really help - and I'm an aromatherapist, so I would've thought it should have done !

childrenchildreneverywhere Fri 31-Jul-09 12:53:08

I'm a homeopath and TBH I don't think you can use homeopathy as pain relief. I do make up personalised birth kits (not the helios ones, not keen on those for many reasons) and prescribe actually at births and I do sometimes use remedies for mums who aren't coping well, but not necessarily a "pain relief" one...

Aromatherapy does have some clinical evidence concerning the use of chamomile and clary sage oil, reducing need for pharmaceutical pain relief, fairly decent trial run in Oxford a few years back.

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