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If you had a homebirth could you possibly quickly answer these questions for me?

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Picante Thu 30-Jul-09 07:11:15

1. What time of day did you go into labour?

2. Which room did you use and why?

3. Who did you have with you during the birth?

4. How soon after did you introduce any older siblings?


tegan Thu 30-Jul-09 07:20:36

Hi pic

i had ds 8 months at home after 2 hospital births.

1 waters broke and first contraction at 11.30 pm

2 dd's in bed but had planned for lounge as biggest room in house and you need the room for people and equipment

3 2 midwives have to attend and due to dh not getting home from work my mum was with me and my dad upstairs with dd's

4 dd2 was awake so as soon as i was stitched dad brought her down for a cuddle but dd1 slept through it and she woke about 2.5hrs after birth so she then joined us all.

anything else please ask

good luck

belgo Thu 30-Jul-09 07:24:46

Had two home births:
1: dd2: about 6am
ds: about 8pm

2: My bedroom both times - large and comfortable

3: dd2: two midwives, student and dh.
ds: one midwife and dh.

4: dd2: introduced dd1 later that day.
ds: he was born at 4am; the girls awoke and came in to my bedroom at 5:30. They had slept through the whole thing.

Flgihtattendant Thu 30-Jul-09 07:25:53

1. 6.54am

2. Bedroom - because people kept going in and out (midwives to their car, postman, my MOTHER) and it was private and away from the door, plus once I had gone up there I couldn't get back down, lol.

3. 2 midwives, best friend, doula (best friend ended up being a better doula, I'm having her next time)

4. That afternoon - ds1 was at my mum's most of the day. He wouldn't look at me, he was so cross sad but they are Ok now.

How you feeling Picante? Long to go now?

racmac Thu 30-Jul-09 07:56:03

DS2 - went into labour about 6am - born 2.50pm

Born in bedroom - easiest and comfiest room

Husband and midwife and student midwife - extra midwife turned up 30 mins before hand

DS1 came round 1 hour afterwards - the memory i have is of him bounding up the stairs and his face when he first saw his brother was amaxing.

DS3 - went into labout 3am - born about 12ish

Born in bedroom - see above

husband and 2 midwifes

DS1 and DS2 came round about 1 hour after and again have great memories of their first look at their baby brother

HollyBunda Thu 30-Jul-09 08:01:06

1. What time of day did you go into labour?

active labour started around 7 am. We called for the midwives about 20 minutes before transition. They arrived and I was pushing.

2. Which room did you use and why?

I laboured all over the house, moving around to keep labour flowing. I birthed on the sofa, on my knees with my arms over the back. It seemed the most comfortable place and there was loads of room for everyone.

3. Who did you have with you during the birth?
DH, 2 midwives, SIL, MIL & eldest DD

4. How soon after did you introduce any older siblings?

Straight away.

It was a blissful birth. I wouldn't change a thing. well, except the photos on my SIL's camera that was stolen on the bus on her way home!

CarmenSanDiego Thu 30-Jul-09 08:06:38

1. About 6am but he wasn't born until 9am the next day

2. The living room. Could set up the birth pool there and had the sofa for leaning on.

3. DH, midwife, assistant midwife, doula

4. My daughters (then 7 and 5) were in the next room. They ran in as the baby was being lifted out of the birth pool

SoupDragon Thu 30-Jul-09 08:10:49

1) Midnight, just as I did with my previous 2
2) The playroom - because I could put the birthpool in there and not interfere with anything. We have a downstairs toilet so stairs weren't an issue
3) one midwife
4) Probably 4 hours I guess. I can't remember. When I was all cleaned and repaired!

nigglewiggle Thu 30-Jul-09 08:11:21

1. What time of day did you go into labour?

Waters broke at 3am, contractions started 30 mins later.

2. Which room did you use and why?

Dining room. Wooden floor, well away from DD1's bedroom and our bedroom is in the attic up a narrow staircase (I couldn't walk when in labour with DD1 so didn't want to be stuck up there if I needed to transfer).

3. Who did you have with you during the birth?

DH and 4 midwives! My mum looked after DD1 when she woke up early. They were in another room.

4. How soon after did you introduce any older siblings?

It was over an hour I think. MW cleaned up and I had lots of skin to skin and bfed DD2. Then when we were all presentable, DD1 came in.

It was lovely BTW. smile

Picante Thu 30-Jul-09 08:12:48

Gosh thanks ladies. I'm surprised at the number of you going into labour early morning.

I've just gone 37 weeks - planning for the lounge but that's because I assumed ds would be asleep upstairs.

I'm getting so excited I just hope it works out!

tegan Thu 30-Jul-09 08:14:36

the more relaxed and poitive you are the better it will go. I have to admit it was the best thing i have ever done

Picante Thu 30-Jul-09 08:14:59

The toilet issue is interesting! Midwife said it would be better to be upstairs as we only have an upstairs toilet.

Doula said it would be better to be downstairs as going up and down stairs for a wee will speed up labour.

I guess if I can't make it up the stairs I could always pee in a bucket!

emmabemmasmom Thu 30-Jul-09 08:19:36

I went into labour at 2:30pm. DD2 born at 9:45pm

Had 2 midwives, DH and best friend in case something went wrong she could stay with DD. She also was able to use the webcam so my family in the states could see the birth! Way cool...

I used the whole house but I had DD in the livingroom for space.

DD1 met DD2 in the morning. I was able to help get DD1 to bed with DH so it was as normal as possible for her. She slept thru the whole thing and woke up at 7am to meet her new sister.

Amazing experience and I would totally do it again!

nigglewiggle Thu 30-Jul-09 08:20:57

I was downstairs and we don't have a downstairs loo. DD seemed to be a bit stuck and I was struggling to push her out. MW suggested I go to the loo and I am sure going up the stairs and back down again got her in the right position. She was born about 5 mins later.

duchesse Thu 30-Jul-09 08:21:43

1. First time- was in labour over 21 hour period, but waters broke first thing one morning, she was born following morning around 11am. Was actually in labour through the night.

second time- went into established labour around 7:30 pm while putting older children to bed. Waters had gone earlier in the day.

2. while in labour, was very active both times, wandering around house, eating, drinking. First time spent day baking bread and gardening between contractions, and night walking round and round living room during contractions and napping on sofa between them.

For the actual births, I ended up in the exact same position and place both times- hanging onto the end of my bed, in an upright kneeling position.

3. first time, just husband and midwife. MIL took oldest out for 2 hours while she was actually being born.

Second time, had a houseful including my best friend and her husband and their newborn, my mother and the midwives. In the event, when she born at 11:30pm, the only people with me were my husband and the midwives. Everyone else was downstairs waiting.

4. First time, then 21 month old son met his sister when MIL brought him back from the shops with the flowers they'd got, so about 1/2 hour after the birth.
Second time, oldest had asked to be woken up, so he met his little sister at about 3 minutes of age- she was still "attached". Second child was unwakeable at that time of night, so met her little sister the next morning.

purpleflower Thu 30-Jul-09 08:38:39

1. Contractions started very slowly from about 9am and we called the midwife at 4pm.

2. I used the living room, more space, comfy leather sofas etc.

3. DP, 2 midwives and 2 paramedics. The paramedics were because they were going to transfer me due to meconium in the waters but I was too far gone and the midwives didn't want me delivering in the ambulance. The paramedics were told they could leave as they had no worries about DD but 1 asked if he could stay as he had never seen a birth before, by this point I really didn't care who saw lol.

4. DS met DD the next morning. DD was born at 9.30pm so DS was settled in bed at PILs, we thought it was best not to disturb him. It gave us the night with our new arrival which was quite nice.

I would definitely have another homebirth, all my family and friends thought I was bonkers for even thinking about it, but it really was incredable. Good luck

Sensitivechildminder Thu 30-Jul-09 08:45:08

1. What time of day did you go into labour?
Around 9 am and gave birth at 2.59 the same day.

2. Which room did you use and why?
My bedroom because it was comfy!

3. Who did you have with you during the birth?
DH and 3 midwives.

4. How soon after did you introduce any older siblings?
5 minutes after as she was downstairs with an other midwife.

jumpjockey Thu 30-Jul-09 08:45:14

1: first twinge at 3.30am, contractions every couple of minutes by 10, dd born at 2.30 - our first child

2: we had a pool in the living room; it's the biggest space, our bathroom is downstairs, didn't want to try and fill a pool upstairs! Oh and it has wooden floors in case of any mess (none at all in the event)

3: Doula (she was there first while dh was on his way back from work, hadn't expected things to move very quickly so sent him off as usual at 8!), dh, midwife 1 arrived about 11, midwife 2 I didn't notice until after dd arrived blush

It was an absolutely wonderful experience, if we have a second will definitely try at home again.

Loopymumsy Thu 30-Jul-09 09:29:13

Message withdrawn

TwinkleToes76 Thu 30-Jul-09 09:31:08

1. 7am - woken up by supremely intense contraction, born 12.45pm.

2. Livingroom - was meant to have a pool but not enough time to blow it up and fill it, wanted my bed pristine and untouched to crawl into afterwards. Also, wood floors in livingroom and cream carpet in bedroom!

3. Me, OH, 2 midwives - and 3 paramedics for a bit of it. Meant to have my mum as well but she didn't get there in time!

4. don't have older children, but i watched my sister being born at home when i was 9 years old - fantastic experience.

I loved every minute of my homebirth and my bed never felt so comfortable that night!

Monkeyandbooba Thu 30-Jul-09 09:35:12

1. DD - 11pm DS- 12.30pm
2. Dining room both times - had a pool so closest to kitchen and taps etc
3. DH and 2 MWs
4. After DS my Mum bought DD back 1.5hrs after he was born.


cazboldy Thu 30-Jul-09 09:40:24

hi I have had 4 hb.

1) 7.30am

bedroom, most comfortable there

my dh and my mum, and 1 mw

as soon as I as cleaned up!

2)approx 2.15pm

living room - had had a burst pipe upsairs, and also labour was very quick, and surprised us!

dh only - he mw didn't get there in time and dh delivered him!

ds1 ran in from the garden just as ds2 emerged, and dd1 was sill asleep or about 15 mins until everyone else turned up!

3) 1.30 am


my dh, mum, 2 ambulance men and 2 mw and a student mw

not until they woke in the morning ( ds3 was born at just after 3am)

4)7.30 am

bathroom - actually in the bath as I couldnt get out in time

no one was with me - dh had gone downstairs to unlock the door to let the mw in hmm

of them sat on the landing and came in as soon as they heard the baby cry, the others came in and saw the new baby as soon as I was comfortably in my bed!

all very different, but fantastic experiences, and can highly reccommend hb!

LittleSarah Thu 30-Jul-09 09:45:22

1. dd, waters broke at 4.30am, baby born at 4.30pm;
ds, waters broke at 12.45am and baby born at 2.46am.

2. Both babies born in the bedroom.

3. dd, my mum and two midwives;
ds, dh and one midwife (not enough time for second one to come).

4. dd met her wee brother the next morning.

Flgihtattendant Thu 30-Jul-09 09:48:38

Wow...loads of 6/7am ones shock maybe it's to do with getting up? not sure how.

Picante - I planned it downstairs, covered floor with old duvet cover, plastic sheeting etc but then people kept going in and out and i just needed to be private. I went upstairs to try a bath, it was rubbish, so got out and needed the loo, was screaming with contraction on the loo when the postman knocked - I'd say midnight would have its advantages, tho very impressed with Soupy timing them all the same!! smile

Then it seemed I was in transition so kind of stumbled into the bedroom and had him there. It was a v quick labour anyway (had him 10.30am) so didn't have time to watch tv or anything. Then just stayed in bed all day with baby smile

Picante Thu 30-Jul-09 12:41:56

Thanks everyone! Bumping!

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