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Experiences of looking after a toddler after c-section

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sonmc Wed 29-Jul-09 18:37:21

I have a little boy who will be 22 months by the time our new baby is due.
I had a section first time round as he was breech and now have to make the decision between having another or attempting a VBAC, I?m as torn as a lot of others appear to be on this subject.
I just wondered if anyone could let me know how they coped after a second section and how their toddler reacted to not being picked up, etc.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 29-Jul-09 18:40:40

Umm...well it's hard work and for the first few weeks you are pretty sore and no toddlers don't really understand. If you have a partner around it's doable - and I coped by staying in bed and letting DD climb up next to me and newborn DS.

But if you can do a VBAC, it's obviously easier to recover from.

moocowmrs Wed 29-Jul-09 18:56:00

I did it and yes it is hard work but very do able with a little bit of preperation and pre planning, I had to do it DH had to keep on working ( he is a farmer) so was on my own for a large proportion of the day although parents very close by.
Before the section I taught DS a few things he was 23 like how to get in the bath using his step and how to get onto his chair using a little step.
It was winter so lots of indoor activities sticker books etc so that I could occupy him easily. Looking back it did not seem to bad and cant remember it being too hard. I think it helped that DS is a good sleeper and would be in bed by 6.30 which was handy.
Think I got over the not being picked up thing by lots of sitting and reading the cuddles on the sofa, which he could get onto while I was feeding DD.I think the hardest part of the day was the mornings getting dressed etc and getting a shower.
The worst thing is the not driving as we are rural if you where in a town it might be easier.
Sorry a post a bit all over the place as typing as I think of things !
Good luck.

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