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can i have more than 1 birthing partner?

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Not sure but can i have more than 1 birthing partner with me?

I know its a while of but id like dh and my twin sister as dh may not be able to cope with the process and she has already had 2 dc. I have already asked her and she is more than happy to be there for me!

Am seeing midwife in 2 weeks so i suppose i could mention it then?


justlookatthatbooty Wed 29-Jul-09 09:21:46

As far as I'm aware you can invite the entire country to your birth if you like. It's your call. The midwife and medics are also invited to your birth, by you. It's your party honey! x

rubyslippers Wed 29-Jul-09 09:22:14

i had 2 birthing partners and am planning on the same for this birth

lol my party! hehehe now i need to train them both up and myself on my hypnobirthing plans! i know its ages away but i like planning ahead.

Another question..... i am very set on breastfeeding and do not want baby to be given a bottle before we have tried breast. If im asleep etc due to bad birth or there is some reason we cannot try bf straight away how long can we refuse the baby to be given a bottle, assuming all goes well that is! They have both been told that this is against my wishes unless absolutely necessary.

justlookatthatbooty Wed 29-Jul-09 10:40:42

Not sure re your last question, though I'm also interested to find out. Perhaps post it on childbirth as a separate thread to attract accurate answer? Good luck with the hypnobirthing!

Meglet Wed 29-Jul-09 10:42:47

You should be able to have 2 people there. I had my DP and sister for my first birth (which turned into an em cs, but even then I was handy having both of them in the hospital).

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