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Homebirth in Finistere France?

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muminfinistere Mon 27-Jul-09 21:34:00


Does anyone know of any sage-femmes liberales who do homebirths in Finistere (29) France or where I could find one?
I am 10 weeks pregnant with number 2 and after a wonderful (although long!) homebirth in the UK with my first I really hoped I might be able to repeat the experience now I live in France.
So far I am really struggling to find an answer.

I live on the Presqu-ile de Crozon and the only midwife in Finistere I can find is too far away. (3hours). Anyone with any ideas or thoughts? Any inspiration would be VERY appreciated as I am not keen on the idea of a hospital birth as my research makes it sound like i might be shaven, in stirrups, have a seriously encouraged epidural and stay in for 5 days at the least! I know that some people have no problem with this and I certainly wouldn't knock it but it's just not for me.

Thanks in advance

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