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Is this early labour?

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chloehd Thu 23-Jul-09 12:23:53

I am 38 (+4) weeks and last night had intense lower back pain combined with dull, throbbing period type pain and now feel sick?

No other signs yet - no show, waters or contractions.

What do you think - did anyone else start labour like this?

All thoughts / experiences appreciated. On my sofa watching trashy TV and dying to know if this might progress to the real thing....

Thank you

duzida Thu 23-Jul-09 13:09:23

I had very similar feelings 2 weeks ago at 35+6, plus quite strong braxton hicks but no waters or show, and had it checked out at fetal assessment unit, they kept me in overnight in case it was early labour but it wasn't. Shame, as we were really excited! the pains have come and gone again since then, but from what midwives and other mums say, it seems they can either herald the real thing or just tease for weeks! People keep saying the baby will come when it's ready, and I suppose our one isn't quite, yet.

38+4 sounds fine though - if your baby does come now, he or she should be fully prepared to deal with life outside the womb - good luck, and im very envious - I'm definitely ready to go!

chloehd Thu 23-Jul-09 14:21:18

Thank you Duzida - I am dying to meet our baby boy is just so frustrating to think it could all be happening by tonight or it could go on like this for weeks... Good luck to you too.

duzida Thu 23-Jul-09 15:50:41

not that many more weeks though! we're nearly there let us know if this does turn out to be the real thing.

roxy12 Thu 23-Jul-09 19:14:09

I had exactly the same, i was in early labour for a week and then i was in so much pain i had a sweep at 40+1 and went into labour the same night.
it could go on for weeks, they will not sweep you until you are atleast 40 weeks but if you are in lots of pain then i would advice a sweep to get things going.
I was in so much pain towards the end.

good luck hun

Gromit78 Thu 23-Jul-09 23:20:54

Think I may also be in early stages of labour tonight. Am now 41 weeks pg and had a sweep this morning. Baby's head is fully engaged, but cervix is hardly dilated. Now I just feel nauseous and having very irregular contractions, or so I assume. Also have loose bowels (sorry tmi). Plus backache, like one gets with a period.

But all these signs may disappear by morning. Labour is a long drawn out experience so it seems.

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