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dabihp Sat 21-May-05 17:15:08

Are u supposed to phone midwife when your plug goes?

Mum2girls Sat 21-May-05 17:15:44

Yes, right away - midwife or maternity unit.

HappyMumof2 Sat 21-May-05 17:21:54

Message withdrawn

charleepeters Sat 21-May-05 17:23:59

i wont hurt to ring her and see what she says if your not sure or give the maternity unit in your hospital a quick ring they wont mind and then at least you'll know, good luck!

Mum2girls Sat 21-May-05 17:25:36

oh god, I thought you were meant to tell them straight away (sorry for giving the wrong advice dabihp) - mind you both of mine were induced, so what would I know, silly moo.

myermay Sat 21-May-05 18:08:27

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 21-May-05 18:33:51

No - no need it means very little.

dabihp Sat 21-May-05 20:20:31

about an hour adter it went, I had 3 hours of moderate contraction every 7 minutes! then they went away... braxton hicks are starting up again, no pains though... draggin sensation in nether regions, fetal movements okay...

dabihp Sat 21-May-05 20:22:07

myermay? Any symptoms?

myermay Sat 21-May-05 20:52:13

Message withdrawn

dabihp Sun 22-May-05 06:47:41

myermay - any developments?

i've had odd Braxton hick, but nothing to get excted about...

When are you due?

myermay Sun 22-May-05 09:11:38

Message withdrawn

dabihp Sun 22-May-05 16:20:01

at least u r still gettting pains, all mine have gone!

HappyMumof2 Sun 22-May-05 16:23:36

Message withdrawn

dabihp Sun 22-May-05 16:25:03

yes, three cups a day...

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