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Induction experiences!.....

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YummyMummy17 Tue 21-Jul-09 17:40:49

I might have to be induced and would like to hear everyone's reviews on it.... ?

What all happens?
Is it sore?
Is getting your waters broken sore?
Does it make labour last longer ?

Please help...
I would just like to have as much info about it before it might have to happen !

l39 Tue 21-Jul-09 19:16:23

I was induced with my twins at 37 and a half weeks. I had a pessary, my waters broke by themselves that night and I went on a drip next day to start contractions. The labour was quick - 75 minutes from the drip being put in to the birth of twin1 - but the pain was much less than in my first and second labours, when I wasn't induced. I didn't have an epidural or pethidine, only gas and air. (Then twin2 was born by caesarean, but that wasn't due to the induction.) Induction is not safe after caesarean, but if it wasn't for that I'd have a second induction without a qualm - it was fine.

theboob Tue 21-Jul-09 19:19:34

i had 2 pessary, contractions were fine, waters broken and you cant feel a thing, ds2 was born after 3 hours with just pethadine and G+A , my best labour out of the 3, dc4 due in 10 weeks and i'm hoping they will induce me again grin

YummyMummy17 Wed 22-Jul-09 14:07:11

Thank you for all your replys .....

Glad there is some good experiences out there, all ive heard are the bad ones !


twofalls Wed 22-Jul-09 14:21:06

I had the pessary 5PM, nothing happened apart from period pain like contractions(if this happens to you, have some parecetomol and try to get some sleep, don't try to keep active to get things going like I did because you will be exhuasted!). This is fine and a bit like a smear.

Waters broken at noon the next day which was a little uncomfortable but fine. They use what looks like a crochet hook. Still no contractions.

Put on drip (but could still be relatively mobile) at 2PM, contractions came thick and fast, didn't have any pain relief until gas and air at 7PM. I didn't like having the canula in my hand because it made leaning on my hands and knees uncomfortable but I could still move around and found rocking over the rocking chair the most comfortable place to be.

DD born after 17 minutes second stage at 10.15PM. And she was back to back.

Good luck!

Sunshinemummy Wed 22-Jul-09 14:34:55

YummuMummy17 mine is one of the bad experiences. Hope you don't mind me posting it.

I had prostaglandin gel applied at about 22:00 on the Monday. It wasn't sore but it did burn a little.

Went to sleep and woke up the next morning with contractions. Not sure how long I coped with them for (with a TENS machine) but probably no longer than the morning.

Got one huge, very painful contraction and asked DP to go and get me some help. They made me have G&A (which I didn't want and it made me feel awful) and examined me. I was 2cm so they offered to break my waters to speed things along.

Breaking water attempt is most eye wateringly painful thing I've ever experienced. It was hard not to kick the MW and scream in pain. DP was wincing for me and it didn't work.

Eventually (have no idea how long this took but it was sometime that first afternoon) I was taken down to a delivery room for an epidural.

Much of the rest is very hazy (although DP remembers in great detail) but by the early hours of Thursday morning I still wasn't full dilated, couldn't move due to epi and had swollen like a sausage. They tried to give me the drip to speed things along but this distressed DS so they stopped.

At one point that morning the MW told me I was fully dilated and had me pushing for an hour. Dr then came in and said I still had an anterior lip and why on earth was MW making me push when I would never be able to get the baby out.

They kept threatening to do an EMCS but putting it off to allow me to dilate the extra cm I needed. Eventully they gave up and then it was all go.

DP given scrubs, rushed into theatre and DS delivered by EMCS at 14:55 that afternoon. Total labour of around 55 hours.

Anyway don't want to scare you and I think my experience is quite rare. Certainly the treatment I got on the post-natal ward suggests it was as they bent over backwards to make me comfortable as I was the one with the 'difficult birth'. They even took DS away to be looked after that first night which was a god send as I was exhausted.

Cosette Wed 22-Jul-09 14:39:35

DD1 (pfb) induced (pessary) at 42 weeks. 5pm in the evening, advised it would take at least 12 hours for anything to start happening, DH sent home. Started having contractions about midnight, and walked round my bed quietly for a few hours in order not to disturb others on ward. Told night staff I was in labour, and told not to be so silly - it was just induction pains, went had bath on my own for a couple of hours. MW came round 7am to give me another pessary and reluctantly examined me to find I was 8cm dilated! DD born a couple of hours later, just gas and air, no stitches/tears at 8lb 2oz.

DS1 (DC3) induced first time at 41+1, second time at 41+2 with pessaries - which for some reason made me very sore. Nothing happened either time. They wanted to break my waters next, but I decided to go home instead and book in for an induction a few days later. Next induction booked for 42 weeks, had some bleeding just before and early contractions. Waters broken at 10am, hopped into the pool at 12.45pm (7cm dilated). DS born half in pool/half out at 1.30pm. 10lb 4oz, just gas and air, no stitches/tears (amazingly!).

Having waters broken wasn't pleasant but wasn't horribly painful either. All 3 of my labours have been relatively quick, so no sign of induction slowing things down.

notyummy Wed 22-Jul-09 14:53:22

I was induced and all was well in the end - although I did end up having a forceps delivery which I think was probably down to my body not being ready to kick the baby out (no one would listen to me on when the due date was, and I was essentially railroaded into the induction....grr)

Top tips - make sure your birth partner knows exactly what you want and advocate for you if you are tired and distressed. They may well try and make stay flat on your back because it is easier to monitor you, but my DH mananaged to push them into getting some beanbags in and I turned over and leant over them - much more comfy.

lizziemun Wed 22-Jul-09 15:02:31

With dd2 (41+2) I had my waters broke, did nothing other then making me feel like i was wetting myself for hours.

Had drip put in at 4.30pm and had her at 8.05pm with just gas & air.

With ds (40 + 11) with gel. Given Gel at 10am and was 2cm, by 2pm was 8am and talen to delivery room. Got to 9cm and he got struck and his heatbeat wasn't recovering after each contraction, so rushed to theater. Where they prep for a EMCS, but i managed delivery him at 2.15pm again with just gas and & Air.

I can't tell if it it made labour longer as i had a silent labour with dd1 and only had 3 contractions to push her out.

Like Cosette i Labour b=very quickly.

spiralqueen Wed 22-Jul-09 15:36:53

Diary of an induction:

Thursday: (T+16) 8am - Pessary given on induction suite. Nothing happened so further pessary given at 6pm. Again nothing happened but unable to give more than 2 in 24 hours so I was admitted.

Friday: Due to be taken back to induction suite at 8.30 for 3rd attempt but staff didn't get their act together in time and missed the slot available before that day's inductions arrived. Finally got next pessary at 4pm, by which time the previous two completely worn off so complete waste of time. Kept on ward, told I would have cs first thing in morning and I was to be nil by mouth from midnight.

Saturday: No-one appeared from theatre until 10am. Told I would be going down soon but not firm time. Called down at 5pm but slot in theatre gone by the time I got there. Had to wait on chair as no beds available. At 7pm was told it wouldn't happen and I was to be taken back to ward but I had missed all the meals so would not be getting fed unless some leftovers could be found.

Had complete toys out of pram moment and told them I was going to go to another hospital where I wouldn't be putting my baby's safe delivery at risk. Consultant suddenly decided I was sufficiently dilated (1 cm) to break my waters. That was ok - pain not too bad, more uncomfortable than anything else. Then put on syntocin drip and given epidural.

Sunday: 2am epidural put in too high, I crashed and DH had to help put catheter in once crash team had finished with me. Decision taken at 10.30am to do emergency cs as I had only got to 2cms and hospital were concerned about being sued.

DD arrived safe and well at 10.50am

It was awful and I don't want to worry you, the main thing was that in the end DD arrived and neither or us were permanently harmed. I would just get assertive much earlier if the hospital delays are impacting too much on your treatment.

I did write to Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton afterwards with some suggestions on how my time in there could have been improved but as I wasn't going to sue them they weren't interested in my experiences.

Good luck, I hope it all goes well.

CarGirl Wed 22-Jul-09 15:47:46

I had 2 unpleasant inductions

1 that was okay

1 that was fantastic.

2 horrible ones: 1st dc at only 7 days over so she wasn't ready

3rd dc, on due date due to my crazy insistance.

Other 2 were 16 and 14 days overdue respectively, the last one was much better mainly I think because I was relaxed and chilled about the whole thing.

The pessaries made my legs really hurt which isn't nice because the tens machine doesn't help with that. I had ARMs with the 2 horrible inductions (horrible because they were 2-3 day events) and they really do hurt and then the painful contractions kick in immediately!

So if you're well overdue I generally think induction goes okay, if your not it can be a long drawn out slog because neither your body or the baby are really ready yet.

All 4 of them were unassisted deliveries, had a tiny stitch with my 2nd but she was 10lb 6oz!

susie100 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:51:20

I would really avoid induction for anything but a medical reason i.e. not just because you are overdue.

C section rate is 50% in my local hospital. You can ask for a bishops score to see how 'ready' you are.

You might find this useful

wasabipeanut Thu 23-Jul-09 20:51:26

My story isn't great I'm afraid. My waters started to leak but didn't break fully at 39+4. Unfortunately as soon as I reported the leak I got put on the clock. 3 days later I was told I had to be induced due to the risk of infection.

I think the problem started here. I assumed I would have a pessary as my cervix wasn't ripe- my bishops score was as low as it could be. But the midwife told me that because my waters had broken I had to go straight to the drip. I didn't know enough to argue and I was bloody terrified because they put the frighteners on me about the consequences of infection. Although at no point did they actually swab me for Strep B. Again with the hindsight.

Anyway, synto drip, contractions start hard and heavy and I progress thorugh TENS and G & A for about 9 hours. Got examined - 4cm dilated and am advised by midwife to have an epidural. Frankly I didn't put up a fight as the G & A had long ceased to be much use and I was struggling. Breathing. massage etc. all most helpful but f**k all use coping with synto induced contractions when your cervix is still facing backwards.

Got to 8cm in the next 4 hours and started getting all excited but then stayed at 8cm for the next few hours and we cut to an em cs a few hours after that.

I would advise anyone to avoid induction unless there is really no other option. The fact is that hospitals will tend to push you down a "fixed" route in terms of procedure and it is more resource intensive to monitor things like leaking waters or being "overdue" with a wait and see approach. The result I think is a lot more surgical intervention that wouldn't have been necessary had things been left alone.

MiniMarmite Thu 23-Jul-09 23:07:55

I had to be induced (at a different hosp from where I had planned due to increased risk) because my waters broke at 40+8.

I had been having some (inconsistent) contractions for a couple of days and was only about 2 cm dilated - so, therefore, straight on drip.

My contractions still didn't become regular so the dose was increased twice.

I found it ok to be honest, DS was coming out any other way (other than C-section maybe) so I didn't have a lot choice. I think on the day I just made the most of the situation I ended up in and tried to stick as much to my birth plan as possible.

The best thing about being induced was that the mw stayed with us all the time (helped that she was lovely). Despite being wired up I tried to move around as much as I could and. Having not had a labour before I didn't know if it was more or less painful than a 'normal' labour and managed on G&A.

For me, the effect of the high dose of syntonicin was that I wanted to push long before my cervix was ready and it was a huge struggle for me to stop pushing.

DS got stuck due to loss of all the fluid and me being too tired to push efficiently after 1.5 hours of trying so I had a ventouse delivery. That was the worse bit really. They wanted to get him out quick and needed me to focus so no G&A (and no time for anything else).

My DS was born 8 hours after induction was started but the time flew by.

I was very anti-induction during my pregnancy but I really had no choice in the end. I feel a lot more comfortable with the prospect of induction having been through it - wasn't as bad as I expected (but parts of it were still quite bad but I'm sure that is true of any labour).

twinklegreen Fri 24-Jul-09 08:56:59

I had the gel pessary insterted, it didn't hurt but I could feel it 'tingle', these tingles turned into contractions, was soon in 'established' labour. My waters broke naturally when I got to 10cm dialated, Immediately had to push, gave birth to a 10lb6 ds an hour later. Had g&a and tens for pain relief, whole thing was 4hrs from start to finish (with about 2hrs being proper labour). I fed him had a bath and went home! I have had a natural onset and an induced labour and the induction was no more painful and was alot better overall experience, I wouldn't be worried about having another induction this time (although I would rather not go 14 days overdue!)

ExplodingBananas Sun 26-Jul-09 20:14:23

If you're worried about the pain of internals you can ask to have gas and air during it.

My waters were broken after I had started to have contractions so I got the g&a hooked up before letting them do it and although I knew what was 'going on down there' it wasn't painful.

The procedure at my hospital was

Pessary inserted - wait for 6 hours to see if labour starts. I was only on monitors now and again so could go over to the cafe etc.

Next pessary inserted and wait for another 6 hours - if you do have an induction take plenty of things to entertain you and your birth partner and food as hopsital only gave me dry sandwiches once during the whole day.

Rested overnight on the labour ward and then had to have the drip on the following day as nothing was happening.

This did finally get things going and labour didn't take too long.

DawnAS Sun 26-Jul-09 21:59:39

Hi there,

Sorry, another bad story from me...

Had three pessaries between Friday lunchtime and Saturday night. Within two hours of first, contractions started but I didn't dilate. I was in agony and didn't sleep for two nights.

On the Sunday, finally I was dilated enough for them to break my waters (by the way, they had to give me G&A just to insert the pessaries - but I also bleed terribly and have awful pains during smears so I think that's just me...). Because of the pain I'd been in, they offered to give me an epidural before they broke my waters, so didn't feel that at all.

Unfortunately the epidural only numbed one side of my body, so I could feel every agonising contraction but couldn't move around to relieve it. I also had gestational diabetes so was on an insulin drip aswell as the Oxytocin drip, so cannulas in both hands!! They gave me G&A while I waited for the anaesthatist to come back and redo the epidural.

In the end, having not slept since the Thursday, I was exhausted and they decided to deliver my LO using the Ventouse cup. So ended up being cut and then, to top it all off, the doctor decided to stitch me up after the epidural had started to wear off, but with no local anaesthetic!!

So all I would say is, make sure you have back up plans for any pain relief you decide on - I never thought the epidural wouldn't work. Will probably never have another child because of my experience, but if we do, we will request an Elective CS due to emotional trauma!!

Bear in mind that if the epidural had worked, the labour itself would have been fine I'm sure... I was just really really unlucky!! sad

Good luck!!

mrswill Mon 27-Jul-09 20:20:47

Another bad one coming!

Went into hospital at 8am, and was 10 days over. Given pessary which was eyewateringly uncomfortable and made me sore at 9.30am, started having contractions at 12 ish. got checked after a few hours as i was in some serious pain and thought i would be about 6cm, but was found to be undilated, so given another pessary. My contractions carried on, throughout the evening, and then the baby turned back to back, i was checked again and was 2cm dilated by 3am in the morning. I hadnt had any pain relief up until this point as midwifes said they could not give anything if i wasnt dilating, even if i was in pain which is apparently common with induction. I really was in agony, so the midwifes lied to labour ward and said i was 4cm, so i got transfered there to have the heavenly gas and air. This carried onto the next day, when i had my waters broken, which was a walk in the park compared to the synto drip, then finally an epidural and c section at 7pm. I never got past 4cm.
If your body is not ready, induction is just the start of a series of intervention, which i found very long and exhausting. I would avoid, avoid, avoid, unless there is some medical necessity, not just being a bit overdue. Obviously my experience colours my view of them. There were 4 girls in being induced the same time as me, 3 of us ended up with painful labours spread over 2/3 days with c sections as the cherry on top, and the other girl had her baby 2 hours after she had the pessary, right in front of us too, and was walking round an hour later like nothing had happened. Get an idea of how ripe your cervix is if you decide to undergo this torture procedure. Best of luck.

naturopath Mon 27-Jul-09 22:01:39

another question here - due to be induced tomorrow with dc2 at 41+6. Cervix is mid-way (not high or low), 1cm dilated (apparently from dc1). Induction last time was terrible, taumatic experience, but I don't want to be risky leaving things until past 42 weeks. Any advice? Should I hold off another couple of days? Had a sweep this morning but don't think it's doing much.
thanks - sorry for hijacking.

neversaydie Mon 27-Jul-09 23:09:08

I was induced about a week before my due date, when my blood pressure shot up.

I was admitted immediately, and has a pessary inserted in the evening, with no apparent effect.

Next day I was left hanging about for a while, then around 11 taken up to the delivery suit and my waters broken. No apparent effect, so then they put me on a syntocin drip.

At this point they told me that it was likely to be painful and with my agreement, gave me diamorphine. I had a fetal heartbest monitor on - which I found great, as the steady beat gave me something to focus on.

DS was born, face to pubes, with no other assistance than that of an excellent midwife, at about 9.30 that night.

So no real traumas at all, despite my age (41), my weight (heavy) and my blood pressure (eventually dropped after about a week). I had excellent care from just two midwives, one of whom had been responsible for all my prenatal care and the other who had been the tutor for the childbirth classes I attended with DH. I consider myself very, very lucky.

They then left me lying on blood stained sheets for 3 days, while they worked out whether my blood pressure was anything sinister (it wasn't). I eventually checked myself out against medical advice and went home to learn how to look after my baby!

whingeomatic Mon 27-Jul-09 23:33:51

I had a pretty good induction at 40+3 with dd2 after going into spontaneous labour with dd1..

I had the pessary at 9.30 and stayed on the bed until 10am to give it time to dissolve. Then I went down to the coffee shop for a bit, bought magazines and prepared for the long haul!

Went back up to the ward at 11am and started to feel a bit crampy, but nothing specific. Read magazines, chatted to DH.

Then cramps started to get more intense and a bit more contraction-like so we decided to go for a walk again (plus the 2 ladies opposite had bought in their entire families for support and were doing my head in!!)

By midday the contractions were strong enough for me to double over and breathe heavily through them - decided to head back to the ward after timing them at 1min apart!

DH wanders off to find a mw as I feel the need for gas & air - pain is making me sweat now. MW examines me at 12.45 and I am 5cms dialated - she goes to alert delivery suite and find some g&a.

Meanwhile I suddenly feel the need to push, and the only way I can deal with each contraction is to bear down. Another mw takes a quick look and suddenly I am being wheeled at high speed down the corridor, with Dh running behind me! I am still pushing and delivery suite mws are trying to transfer me to a different type of bed.

I make it as far as my left side with my leg in the air when dd2 is born at 1.15pm, a mere 2 hours after the first proper contraction! Never did get the gas and air...

LoveTheCarbs Tue 28-Jul-09 20:42:18

Mine is a fairly good experience.. First baby..

Admitted Monday evening, 41+5, and got first pessary. No contractions. Followed by Tuesday morning and evening pessaries. That Tuesday evening I had 4 hours of minor contractions between 10pm and 2am which petered off on their own.

On the Wednesday was offered either to go home for 24hours or another pessary at 2pm. Chose the pessary as now was 14 days overdue and very frustrated!

Minor to moderate contractions all Wednesday evening which again petered off by 1am so went to try and get some sleep. Then waters broke spontaneously at 1.40am with a POP! Then the proper contractions started! shock

Remained on the ward using various techniques for 2 hours then examined - 7cms dilated. Called hubbie into hospital at 3.30am. 1hour later felt the urge to push and was fully dilated. Unfortunately then my contractions eased off and needed a Syntocin drip to move things along. It therefore took 4hours for the 2nd stage which is fairly prolonged and DS1 arrived at 8.30am. Only 2 stitches required for minor lacerations.

Good luck!

YummyMummy17 Wed 29-Jul-09 19:11:01

Hey all im 40+2 now thanks for all your experiences, is good to see there is a lot of good experiences too ! ( all i had heard were bad ones) Anyway....
So I defo think I am going to have to get started off blush
We will set my date next monday at the midwife appointment when I am 40+7
I REALLY REALLY want to be started off on the friday = 11 days over due.... do you think they will take me on that date just cos i really want to or will I have to go all the way to + 14 days over ??



warthog Wed 29-Jul-09 19:18:17

i was induced with a syntocinon drip because my waters broke and i didn't go into established labour. i realised that they would stop the drip if i went to the toilet. so i went to the toilet a lot. at one point my dh made them turn down the amount because the contractions just didn't stop.

you can do that - get them to slow it down. i think they had it on 90 and he got them to turn it down to 60.

whole labour was 7.5 hours from start to finish. quite easy in retrospect, with an episiotomy. 45 mins pushing.

i would not let them break the waters. whatever the hell they say. dd2 was born in the sac. fuck em - i don't care if it speeds up the labour so they can get onto the next woman. just don't do it.

and also delay as long as you can before you get induced.

don't forget - YOU are in control, and you can tell them to slow down / back off. don't let them bully you.

<i must have pmt today>

waitingforbedtime Wed 29-Jul-09 19:26:43

I was induced at 41+5.

i had the gel at 7pm then again at 9am the next day because I hadnt progressed and had more gel put in, about 3hr or so after that I was only 1-2cm dilated and had my waters broken - honestly, that hurt like HELL but was quick. Up until that point I had had 'cramps' in my back.

Approximately 3 hours later I wasnt having regular contractions so I went on the hormone drip - that also hurt!

I had 2 failed epidurals and one shot of gas and air - it made me pass out. The pain was ok though.

They put a monitor on ds' head (whilst inside) to monitor the hbeat but it kept falling off so they did it with the band round the tummy instead.

They tried to re-do my epidural and I kept saying I needed to push - midwife said " no no you must just be cpnstipated you arent ready to push" I said YES I AM! They had a look and I was 8cm. Its a bit of a blur but I remember then it all got a bit scary as the ds' heartbeat kept dropping and I had everyone watching the monitor and they were apparently preparing theatre and were just about to take a blood sample from the babies head when I REALLY started pushing and not long after the boy wonder was born.

All in all I'd say it was a positive experience.x

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