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Is anyone still up? I think I'm in labour!

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ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:23:47

....title says it all, my contractions started at 1115pm and are now every 5 mins or so. EXCITING!!!!!!!!! And scary!

I'm sitting on the sofa watching a very old episode of The Apprentice...

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 02:25:10

oooh very exciting!! I'll be around

littleboyblue Tue 21-Jul-09 02:25:50

Goodluck. I'd love to stay around for updates, but have to get back to bed, early start in the morning.
Soooooo exciting for you though. Hope it all happens nice and quickly now. x

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:28:07

oooo just had another contraction! Sent DH back to bed but he can't sleep now, thinks we should get down to the hospital but my last labour lasted four days so I'm in no hurry.

How come people are up so late? Thanks for the company

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 02:29:49

I'm in the States, so it's only 8:30 here for me. How long are the ctx?

littleboyblue Tue 21-Jul-09 02:32:10

We're off to SIL's in morning, so won't be on-line, have to fit as much mn time in as poss before I go! Oh, the withdrawls!

Be careful, this one may go a bit quicker now your body knows what it's doing iyswim. MY SECOND WAS INDUCED THOUGH, SO NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.
Not sure why that's in capitals, apart from I must have pressed the button, but can't be bothered to delete and re-write. smile

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:33:34

Not too long, about 10-20 secs I think. I've just found an online contraction timer so will keep an eye.

Oh just had one there and it was 49 seconds! Shows how crap I am at timing LOL. Where in the States are you?

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:35:08

Thanks LBB, yeah I keep thinking this one could be quick and the contractions are closer (last time they were 15/20 mins apart for ages). So we will see! Have fun at your in laws

littleboyblue Tue 21-Jul-09 02:37:25

Thanks ilys
Must go now. Getting pretty tired and I have a toddler here who sneaked himself onto the sofa who needs to be put back in bed! Hope it all goes well.
Will look out for the birth announcement and gory details when I get back smile

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 02:41:36

I'm in the upper Midwest (Minnesota). 49 seconds definitely sounds like a contraction!

I remember being up and being very excited with every contraction when I was in labour with ds. I think they were around 7 minutes apart right off the bat.

Are you having to breathe through them yet? Any hip swaying?

Granny23 Tue 21-Jul-09 02:47:27

Also just heading to bed here but had to wish you an easy, speedy birth and a bonny bouncing baby by morning.

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:49:42

I am sort of wincing and can't type during a contraction but I know they are nowhere near as bad as they can be. I think I will try to stay put until morning anyway as SIL is taking DS1 while we go into hospital so doubt she or DS will appreciate being woken up at 3am.

Ooo that one there was a breathe through it one, lasted 1 min 16 secs.

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:50:20

Thanks Granny!

BitOfFun Tue 21-Jul-09 02:53:50

Good luck - will look forward to seeing your update when you are ready! <excited>

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 02:54:17

yeah, probably best to stay home as long as pos. Are you planning on staying at home or are you heading into hospital?

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 02:59:22

I'll post an official update on the July antenatal thread!

We will head into hospital maybe early morning depending on how it goes, do you think I should call the hospital? I'm reading when to go in online and sites are suggesting when contractions are over a minute and 5-10 mins (which is what's happening). I feel OK between contractions though and I have awful memories of pacing a hospital room for days last time.

However, we also live 30 mins from the hospital (and that's with no traffic).

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 03:06:29

Yeah, I suppose just call them to let them know what's going on....

Do they feel like they're getting any stronger?

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 21-Jul-09 03:22:48

Just called them and they said to stay at home til they are about 2-3mins apart. That last one was 3 mins apart, hmmmmmm wonder how long I'll last!

CarmenSanDiego Tue 21-Jul-09 04:45:24

Oh! How exciting. Another person in the US here. Thinking very good thoughts for you and your baby that you're going to meet soon!

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 06:07:25

Hello! Was AWOL there for a little bit....

any news?

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but where are you from carmensandiego or.... should your name be a hint and i'm being thick?

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Tue 21-Jul-09 06:47:31

Congrats! I am in Aus - afternoon here so I'll be around if you still are and want to chat.

CarmenSanDiego Tue 21-Jul-09 06:50:20

It's a very big hint, trumpets! Moved out to California last year. Whereabouts are you?

Wallace Tue 21-Jul-09 06:55:56

Oooh good luck

bringonthetrumpets Tue 21-Jul-09 15:53:09

Sorry shrimp and carmen. I was staying up to watch baseball and the game got so ridiculous that I went to bed!

I'm from Minnesota. I lived in Nottingham for about 18 months with my husband and we just moved back here last month!

I'm thinking that sleeves is on her way to having a new shiny little baby! I'm so jealous!

maltesers Tue 21-Jul-09 16:11:05

ANY NEWS ?????? My 2nd baby was born after three hours of being in hospital...much quicker than the 1st.

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