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Calling all doulas? 39 weeks HBAC and my doula has had to back out. Advice needed.

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justlookatthatbooty Mon 20-Jul-09 09:41:10

Due to family emergency my doula has had to leave the country. I'm 39 weeks and her support for my preparation for HBAC has been invaluable. I'm wondering if I should try to replace her (lots of ringing round and computer at this stage - pah!), or just calmly stay centred and trust that being home with DH (once he's got DS off to grandparents hopefully) will be fine til midwife gets here.
Any tips for DH? We rested on our laurels because of excellent doula nad now and I'm wondering what the most important assistance for me can be from DH.
Thanks in advance.

mumtoloads Mon 20-Jul-09 10:55:00

Where abouts are you?

justlookatthatbooty Mon 20-Jul-09 11:14:32

hi there mumtoloads

forgot to mention in OP that I'm not in UK!

mumtoloads Mon 20-Jul-09 11:43:37

Ah ok. All I can say then as from the sound of things it looks like your Doula has done a good job and has given you a lot of confidence. If you think you need that extra someone there to support you both then look for another one but otherwise enjoy what you have discussed with your Doula and have that time with you and your husband. The best thing your husband can do is keep calm, quiet and give you lots of positive encouragement. Also let the midwives know of any choices you have made. Wish all the best.

LuluMaman Mon 20-Jul-09 11:46:33

the most important thing for DH is to be calm, remind you of your birth preferences, and be your advocate.

your Doula has given you confidence and invaluable preparation as you say, so that will be a massive help

make sure you have your birth preferences/plan all written up and that DH gives it to the MW when she arrives.

justlookatthatbooty Mon 20-Jul-09 12:55:52

DH is excellent at staying calm. Very good idea to write up plan incase of transfer to hosp, as midwife will not be allowed to accompany me once if I have to transfer to the medical rooms at hospital. Not scared about home labouring/pain etc but suddenly the thought of hosp transfer scares the c**p out of me without doula, due to last experience, but am going to work on just staying centered in my own confidence that this can and has a high chance of working out beautifully.
Thanks for your advice.

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