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Sharpe shooting under bump

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bettybets Sun 19-Jul-09 16:35:26

I'm 34 + 6 and i keep getting a sharpe shooting painnwhich only lasts a second right under my bump, not sure if its in my bladder area. Its been the last two nights in bed just a few twinges. I'm also getting occasional very mild period type pains which come and go.

Do you think its body getting ready? Do you think i could go into labour early?

SouthMum Sun 19-Jul-09 16:57:17

Sorry not much help her ebut didn't want you to think your post had gone unnoticed.

The period type pain could be braxton hicks? And for the twinges I used to get like a nerve type pain, hard to explain but it feels a bit like a nerve end is burning - I read that that is something to do with the skin stretching and affecting the nerve endings (it has a name but can't think of it at the moment). Could also be baby kicking - again my DS was feet down towards my bladder and used to move and it didn't feel like he was kicking, more like he was shoving his foot out of my cervix and it used to make me jump.

I'd say it is just your body getting ready for the event but I had these twinges from about 38 weeks and then went a week over so you might have a bit of a wait yet.

BabyBump2B Tue 21-Jul-09 21:21:25

I've had the shooting pains - are they really low down? MW told me its the baby's head hitting the cervix. VERY painful but quick - apparently its a good sign that the baby's getting low and just your body adjusting to everything!

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