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Length of second and third labours

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mafog Wed 15-Jul-09 22:12:52

Just wondering how long your second labour was and your third labour.

sweetkitty Wed 15-Jul-09 22:14:03

First - 4h 20m
Second - 2h 30m
Third - 1h 35m

That's from waters to baby, or first contraction to baby in DD2's case.

ChasingSquirrels Wed 15-Jul-09 22:14:03

2nd - 15 mins
haven't had a 3rd

babblington Wed 15-Jul-09 22:24:54

1st - 3 hrs
2nd - 45mins
3rd - about 4 hours, but wasn't really trying very hard. About 6 minutes of actual pushing.

Lilyloo Wed 15-Jul-09 22:26:41

1 - forever
2 - less
3 - much less grin

scarlotti Thu 16-Jul-09 09:46:35

1st - 5.5 hrs (waters to baby)
2nd - 3.5 hrs (waters to baby)

currently pregnant with 3rd so very interested in this thread grin

puffylovett Thu 16-Jul-09 09:49:21

wow, you all had really quick labours.

Watching with interest as no 2 due in 8 weeks or so.

1st labour 18 hrs from waters trickling, so am hoping for a 4 hr quickie this time !!

loganberry12 Thu 16-Jul-09 13:47:12

1st 18 hours- 2 weeks overdue
2nd 12 hours- a couple of days over due dates
3rd 4 hours - due date
4th 45 mins- 3 weeks early- from when water broke and having mild contractions to a rather quick birth !

expecting my 5th in 6 weeks time and wondering if this baby will be early too and as quick as my last

l39 Thu 16-Jul-09 17:43:38

1st - 12 hrs from confirmed labour (4cm)

2nd - 3hrs from 2cm (I was in lots of pain and horrified to be told only 2cm! But did progress fairly quickly from then)

3rd - 1hr 15 mins but may not count as induced by drip (drip caused contractions immediately, dilation only checked when I needed to push - about 5 mins before birth)

Didn't have an epidural with any (they're often said to slow progress).

Hoping for quick easy labour 4th time

Beccabump Thu 16-Jul-09 21:17:44

Both induced:

1st at term, 36 hours

2nd at 38+1, 2.5 hours!!!

bruffin Thu 16-Jul-09 22:28:31

DS induced at 38 weeks took 3 days
DD not induced at 37 weeks - 4hrs from waters breaking to birth.

CarGirl Thu 16-Jul-09 22:32:06

all inductions

dd1 - days
dd2 - 10 hours from first pessary to birth!
dd3 - days (was induced on due date rather than 2 weeks over like others)
dd4 - 11 hours from first pessary to birth - however official labour 2 mins, they checked me was 8 cm so in labour then 3 contractions rapid contractions later it was all over and done with!

Mamulik Fri 17-Jul-09 18:50:25

my second lasted for ages, it was uch more painful, but no tears thanks to fantastic MW.

rainbowdays Tue 21-Jul-09 21:03:35

1st - over 24 hours.
2nd - 2.5 hours
3rd - 1.5 hours (but did not think first half hour was labour!, so felt like it was less than an hour!)

all at 38/39 weeks and not induced.

Loopymumsy Tue 21-Jul-09 21:54:31

Message withdrawn

slushy06 Fri 24-Jul-09 11:59:33

ds1 24 hours water breaking cc started straight away

dd 10 hours from regular cc but a few irratic ones before

proverbial Fri 24-Jul-09 16:14:42

1= 18 hours from 4cm to birth
2= 3.5 hours from 1st contraction to birth, but about 1.5 hours of proper labour.
3= ask me in 10 weeks grin

MaybeAfterBreakfast Fri 24-Jul-09 16:23:13

1st 5.5 hours
2nd 1 hour

No third, thank goodness.

threeplusone Sun 26-Jul-09 07:26:03

2nd 30mins from 3cms till baby out 3 pushes
3rd 20mins 3 cms to out 2 pushes

They were VBACS and back to back.. although DS1 TURNED at the last minute

MrsDmamee Sun 26-Jul-09 15:10:07

1st: 25 hours on due date
2nd: 12.5 hours 4 days overdue

jennifersofia Sun 26-Jul-09 15:20:00

1st - 6 hrs
2nd - 3 hrs
3rd - 2.5-3 hrs
m/w told me it was very common for 2nd to be half time of first.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 26-Jul-09 15:23:23

1st - 7 3/4 hours from 1st pessary
2nd - 4 hours from first twinge but waters had gone 9 hous before that

spinspinsugar Sun 26-Jul-09 15:24:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrettyCandles Sun 26-Jul-09 15:25:17

1st - 48h
2nd - 27h
3rd - 2h

Each one 1st contraction to baby. Each one had strong regular contractions from the begining.

cece Sun 26-Jul-09 15:27:15

1. 14 hours officially but they didn't count the 24 hours of being induced on the antenatal ward!

2. 6 hrs and 45 mins, went into labour naturally

3. another induction, 8 hrs or so from waters being broken, again they didn't count the day on the anteward being induced!

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