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sweeps scores and any ways of hurrying it up

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pippa251 Tue 14-Jul-09 08:20:09


I am 40 wks + 1 and had a sweep yeasterday- which she said I was 1 cm dialated and was favorable- on the bishops score i scored a 6 (have no idea what that means) but she seemed happy enough.

I had a few strong painful braxton hicks last night and constant back ache and a few period pains but nothing through the night- I slept through.

I only have a bit of dull back ache now so presume nothings happening.

I've had no show or any other signs.

Is there anything anyone would reccomend- have heard about castor oil but am not sure- anyone done it? anthing worked? I'm getting desperate!!!!

sleeplessinstretford Tue 14-Jul-09 08:30:01

both my 'sweeps' got me started.
last time i had a sweep on a tuesday morning (or a rough internal) and then my waters went on the weds night had the baby thursday morning.
I know you probably can't wait to see the end of the pregnancy but if i were you i'd hold off 'them' doing anything and you'll go when you are ready,it sounds like everything is favourable. Try lying on your left side (to get baby into optimum position) and try chilling out now while you still can.
I went for walks when overdue-so staying upright and moving(and when i was trying to get myself dilating/moving along quicker after me waters went I went to the local play park and went on the swing and the slide-not sure if it did anything though!)

lulalullabye Tue 14-Jul-09 08:39:10

You are only 1 day over. As sleep said, walking is really good. I know it is hard when you are desperate to get your lo out, but bide your time and spend it getting your head in the right place for the labour. It will be worth letting nature take it's course and not rushing smile

massivebump Tue 14-Jul-09 16:51:19

I'm in a similar position to you. Although I'm 10 days od now!!! never got this far before (ds was almost 4 weeks early, dd was 5 days od). I've had 3 sweeps since fri, non of which seem to have done anything. I had same symptoms as you after the first one and was feeling great that things might happen, but by sat am everything had died down :-(. Was so desperate too as I'm absolutely not being induced and my cons appt was looming on mon (never had to go to that appt!), had a 2nd sweep on the sunday aft & the only change was that my cervix was much, much softer. I was a bit disappointed though cause m/w on the fri said I was 2cm dilated & I got my hopes up, but m/w sun said although outside of cervix was dilated 3cm now, the inside wasn't open at all :-(. Finally had to go to cons appt on mon & it was awful, really stressed me out, cons was a locum & not the understanding cons I've been told I was seeing. He was adamant I had to be booked for induction, which I refused on grounds of it failing in the past & the fact that I want another home birth as the hosp is awful and made soooooo many mistakes with my first born (bottle fed him without my consent & putting a drip in him which he didn't actually need but they'd got my notes mixed up with another mum to name but 2 things!). Anyway, not that he had the right to stop me doing what I wanted but we agreed on me going in to be monitored tomorrow (wed) for 20 mins & I have another appt with him on mon (oh joy!).

Sorry, I'm waffling soooo much, just really fed up. I had another sweep done aft the appt by the m/w & the top of the cervix was at least open 1cm then. My usual m/w has been so supportive and phoned me aft the appt, she felt awful for me as she'd told me it would be fine as my usual cons was great at letting things happpen naturally. She said I needed to chill out and relax or nothing would happen & she was really encouraging and said that from the examination she could tell all the signs were good. So I did just that, chilled out, had rescue remedy & a glass of wine, got my feet up, sat on birthing ball on & off. Oh, I also just heard of a homeopathic remedy called caulophyllum which is supposed to bring on labour. I had to order direct via Ainsworths but it arrived this am and I've been taking it all day. I've been having the odd contraction since about 6.30am, they're still random but def getting stronger & longer so fingers crossed.

I've also heard really good things about accupuncture. Lots of my friends had this when they were o/d and all said they went into labour the same day or the next day! Wish I could afford it myself.

Good luck & hope things happen soon. I def think the best things you can do for yourself are relaxing & getting your mind focused, walking lots and at least staying upright (I've been baking all morning & tidying the kitchen :-)).

pippa251 Tue 14-Jul-09 18:16:01

thanks guys been for lunch today and just got home from a walk- still getting pain but nothing regular

massive bump- i'm not suprised ou don't want to go to hospital that sounds appaling!!!

i'll keep you posted

lamparda Thu 16-Jul-09 18:45:43


Im 40+3, had a sweep on Tuesday, show on Wednesday..My mw told me I was 1cm and cervix thick.
Im going craaazzeeeyyyy!
I really dont want to be induced..
Try and do a lot around the house but it is not so easy anymore.
Waiting is like torture!

pippa251 Fri 17-Jul-09 10:38:19

i keep getting loads of back pain and have had the runs (sorry if tmi)for 2 days now and had show 2 days gao- still nothing regular!

BumpMakesTwoAndABit Fri 17-Jul-09 11:43:10

I'm 40+4, no signs at all. I'm booked in for a sweep next Weds, at 41+2 - MW said there wasn't much point doing one before I was at least a week overdue, as they don't usually work unless you're ready, and if you're ready, you'll go into labour without it. She's also booked me in for a 2nd sweep on Fri, at 41+4, on the grounds that the first sweep doesn't usually work.

Can't say I'm particularly bothered at the moment, I was 10 days late myself so I have always assumed the baby will be at least a week late!

BumpMakesTwoAndABit Fri 17-Jul-09 11:45:51

btw - I won't get a consultant appt till I'm 42w, since I've asked not to be induced - then I get monitoring. Seems like different areas have different policies on the time they'll let you go!

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