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Im shocked at how many mums have said recently they found having a c-section so much better then natural vaginal delivery!!

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QueenofVenus Fri 10-Jul-09 11:18:05

A friend sparked off a conversation re her birth experience with her first - a long painful labour, pushing for almost 3 hours resulting in burst blood vessels, incontinence for months and loss of sensation in her 'downstairs bits' she had to have an emergency c-section with her dd2 a couple of months ago and said she has had no problems at all since, yes her incision site is sore, but she is healing well, has none of the problems she had with her first dd and she overall cant believe she feels c-sections are far more simple and easy! Does anyone feel like this?

kormachameleon Fri 10-Jul-09 11:22:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Penthesileia Fri 10-Jul-09 11:23:34

"and she overall cant believe she feels c-sections are far more simple and easy! Does anyone feel like this?"

Sorry, but your post doesn't make total sense...

Do you mean:

a) your friend had a horrible vaginal birth first time, then a much better experience with an EMCS second time, and now believes C-sections are simple and easy


b) your friend had a horrible birth, then an EMCS, but still thinks EMCS are not simple and easy


c) that you don't believe that EMCS are simpler and easier than vaginal births?

Hard to respond specifically to your OP without being sure. grin

Generally, though, I think that, if a woman has had a difficult vaginal birth, a CS can be easier and simpler? Why the hell not? It's not rocket science: a host of horrid complications - tears, incontinence, etc. etc. from a vaginal birth, or a more predictable scar, etc, from a CS?....

Reallytired Fri 10-Jul-09 11:25:16

Each to their own. For some women a c-section is the best method for giving birth.

passionfruity Fri 10-Jul-09 12:08:09

I'm planning to go for an elective c-section for my first.

Slightly off-topic but why do some people seem to assume that 'natural = better'? It's not natural to fly, travel at 70mph in a car or have an operation without a painkiller but it doesn't mean it's not a good idea!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 10-Jul-09 12:16:33

I have had a emergency section and a viginal birth and i would chose viginal everytime.

Nothing easy about a scar that doesn't heal and then means you can't have more children.

Having said that, all that really matters is a mum and baby that are alive.

Hawkmoth Fri 10-Jul-09 12:16:45

There are after effects and side effects from both. For some women, natural childbirth IS easier, for others a CS. On the other hand there are incontinence issues or scar tissue/adhesions... it can be a bit luck of the draw both ways.

There's a good chance that natural CAN be better for uncomplicated labour...

bamboo Fri 10-Jul-09 12:19:29

I'm not slightly shocked.

I've had a caesarean, an awful vaginal birth and a great vaginal birth. I agree with Penthesileia that the CS was far easier than the botched second birth.

SatHereSitting Fri 10-Jul-09 12:21:17

Just to balance it a bit, my c-section was a horrible experience and took me over 7 weeks to recover, had 3 infections, little holes kept opening up yadda yadda. I realise I am in the minority, but I too thought a c-section was the easy option, which is why I was only to happy to say yes maybe a bit too quickly when it was offered. I now regret this so much and wish I had tried to push DS out on my own.

Had I have known that I would have been in so much pain for so long after I wouldn't have been so quick to have one and I definately want a VBAC next time. But as I say I think I am in the minority and most people I speak to seemed fine after theirs.

It was my first child so I realise I have nothing to compare it too, and knowing my luck if I do have a VBAC it may be worse, but this is how I feel at the moment.

minko Fri 10-Jul-09 12:23:14

I had a horrendous attempt at a vaginal birth, induced, pushing for 3 hours of torture, forceps, ventouse and finally an emergency CS as it turned out she was a 'facial presentation' and had got stuck.

2nd time had a planned CS and it was fantastic and I thoroughly recommend it.

flowerybeanbag Fri 10-Jul-09 12:25:01

Having had an utterly horrendous vaginal birth I would probably be more shocked if I didn't find a c-section easier tbh. It all depends what you're comparing it to, surely? Compared to a smooth problem-free vb, then it would be surprising to find a c-section easier. But if people have had nightmare vbs then straightforward c-sectons, not shocking at all to think c-sections are easier.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 10-Jul-09 12:29:39

I just realised I had typed virginal birth, realised it was wrong and only deleted the r instead of changing the i for an a.

And me, a published writer. blushgrin

cory Fri 10-Jul-09 13:28:06

According to visions by some high profile saints, a virginal birth is indeed the easiest, no-pain, no-mess option. A pity it's so hard to come by. wink

lisad123 Fri 10-Jul-09 13:31:28

I was aked this at the school yesterday as another mum had been told by friend she would go for Csection anyday!

Well having done first I would always say natural but each to their own.

fingermousey Fri 10-Jul-09 16:25:12

I have had two c-sections the second of which has left me with seemingly permanent bladder problems. I really wish I'd tried for a vbac Plus, I can only imagine any future surgery involving the bladder will be pretty scary so I dread needing a hysterectomy in later life.

I think that's something that's over-looked: c-sections can (badly) affect future sugeries like hysterectomies you can't say that for vaginal births (although I do really sympathise that vb's can leave dreadful problems as well).

sarah293 Fri 10-Jul-09 16:38:15

Message withdrawn

bumpsoon Fri 10-Jul-09 16:55:25

I have never had a c-section but i can see how getting the baby out of the sunroof might be easier for alot of ladies . Talking elective not emergency though. Seen both a elective and an emergency c section and the difference was huge .

mumofoliver Fri 10-Jul-09 18:21:06

I think it all depends on your experience - for me I had an EMCS after things went wrong during labour and meant that I actively pushed for an elective with DC2. But if my EMCS had been awful like some of the stories I think I would have felt differently.

FairyMum Fri 10-Jul-09 18:23:51

Yes much preferred my 2 elective c-sections.

hullygully Fri 10-Jul-09 18:25:21

Lovely lovely c sections.

izzybiz Fri 10-Jul-09 18:28:35

I had two natural deliveries with no pain relief or assistance, then I had abdominal surgery equal to a c-section.

I would say natural everytime, it took me 3 months to recover fully from the surgery, I came round feeling like I'd been hit by a truck!!

However, I had my 3rd baby 9 months ago, another natural birth just over 3 hours long, but he weighed in at 10lb 10oz, the pain was horrendous! After religously doing my pelvic floor exercises I have been left with no ill effectswink but had I known in advance how big my baby was going to be, I think I would have asked for a c-section.

Completely diferent to the first two!!

CarmenSanDiego Fri 10-Jul-09 18:31:48

I had a horrendous EMCS with my first baby under general anaesthetic because the epidural didn't take, took me forever to recover, I woke up with a catheter and the bag was full of blood because they'd cut my bladder. My stomach muscles felt completely shot for months afterwards and I couldn't sit up in bed without help.

Two great (if very long) VBACs, one of which was a home birth.

I would go for a vaginal delivery again if I had support, particularly a doula and supportive midwives and either a home or birth centre environment. But I know I have long, difficult labours and would probably opt for an elective caesarean over a medicalised vaginal birth, I don't believe I could labour successfully in a hospital here in California where IVs and nil by mouth are standard and babies must be delivered on the bed by the doctor.

Doobydoo Fri 10-Jul-09 18:36:38

I had vaginal birth with dd1 and had the fab rush of hormones and felt great.However she was born at 33 weeks and died 2 weeks later.10 years after I had ds1 I wanted a section but was told to see how I went...ended up having an emergency section...did have bit of a prob when I look back bonding but that may have been to do with dd1 rather than emergency section.Had planned section with ds2[8 years later] and have had no probs bonding but didn't obviously have fab hormone rush that I had with dd1.Also found the planned section more nerve wracking!
I suppose everyone is different![ststing the blimmin obvious...sorry] smile

Doobydoo Fri 10-Jul-09 18:40:07

Oh and recovery after 1st section fine[physical]Recovery after vaginal birth and 2nd section took longer.Had stitches etc with 1st birth and with 2nd section scar was infected and I felt unwell for about 3 weeks.

justlookatthatbooty Fri 10-Jul-09 19:50:07

I had a truly hideous CSection experience.

Am trying for VBAC this time round, will see what happens and if there is any comparison to make, I'll report back! Who knows, perhaps the section will turn out to be the better. Am also wondering if there was more knowledge and expertise on how to truly help women to birth naturally (Optimal foetal positioning, natural methods of induction, keeping women in gravity assisted bearing postions etc) then there wouldn't be so many cascades of interventions leading to severe tears and other horrors? So glad to hear that some women's subsequent birth experiences were a whole lot better of as CSections though. Anything is better than a repeated traumatic experience.

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