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Blood pressure drop at beginning of C-section

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Heather1977 Thu 09-Jul-09 11:00:44

I had a lovely elective C-section for the birth of my ds2 5 months ago. The only unpleasant bit was at the beginning when they put the spinal block in. With my 1st C-section, I had an epidural followed by spinal block so was a bit slower and more gentle. I was shocked by how quickly I was paralysed and felt very funny and dizzy, which I presume was my blood pressure dropping. I plan to have another baby and will be another elective C-section. Just wondered if you can request to have spinal administered in a slower way to avoid this and whether the blood pressure drop is normal/dangerous? They didn´t seem too worried but I felt scared by it...

Mintyy Thu 09-Jul-09 11:09:11

I had this at the start of my elective c/section but I told the anaesthatist and he gave me a dose of something that sorted it out very quickly. He said to me "you may feel like this - it will be your blood
pressure - tell me if you do and I will give you something for it". I have a feeling they tilted the bed slightly on its side too, or am I imaging that?

Sorry, I can't tell you what the drug was but am sure the medical mumsnetters will be along shortly to tell you what it was.

ChopsTheDuck Thu 09-Jul-09 11:12:41

I think it is a normal reaction and very very common. I was prewarned about it and they do have the drug on standby.
I think I'd jsut tell them that you had that last time, and they would be ready for it happening again with the drug onstandby.

I agree, it isn't a nice feeling.

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