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anterior lying baby... is this causing all the false starts?

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alibobble Thu 09-Jul-09 03:23:55

DC2 is lying posterior but head down and nearly due. Keep having contractions for like an hour and then they give up (had 3 sets in past 3 weeks) Head not engaged but this is DC2 so not likely before birth (tho my ribs would prefer it!). they say the head presents in a different way and may not press on the cervix as well with a back to back labour.

Anyone experience of anterior lying babies and birth as DD1 led back my front and was very straightforward. When I started labour it was very quick and didn't stop. This one is faffing about and wondered if anyone had any similar experiences?

lulalullabye Thu 09-Jul-09 04:53:52

Posterior or anterior ??

alibobble Thu 09-Jul-09 13:50:04

Sorry being a berk! Back to back so that's anterior isn't it?!

fatsatsuma Thu 09-Jul-09 13:59:56

I think back to back is posterior. Your false starts may well be baby trying to get into a better position. Even if s/he is posterior now or at the start of labour, s/he may turn during labour and still be straightforward.

My dd2 was posterior but I didn't realize till afterwards - and I had a quick but fairly intense labour.

lulalullabye Fri 10-Jul-09 00:23:32

Ok, posterior is renowned for false starts ! The head does not fit snugly in the cervix, therefore the hormone release starts as the head decends and then because it doesn't fit properly the hormone release tails off and contractions stop.

I was told this when I was pregnant with dd2 and if I had known this before, I would have been a lot more tolerant instead of trotting off to labour ward every time, just to be sent home.

Good luck and persevere smile

alibobble Fri 10-Jul-09 08:43:36

cheers. that's really helpful info. Last night head seemed well engaged and I could actually breathe so maybe we're on the way to the real thing. Trouble is every time I sleep it comes back out again and bump is back up again! How rude! Fingers crossed for tonight as DH home from London and might get some kick start action!

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