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Elective c-section pre-op. What happens and could i take my 3yr old?

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Phoenix Wed 08-Jul-09 21:18:25

Dh will be with me too but not sure if ds will be a pain if we have to wait around or anything.


onefunkymama Wed 08-Jul-09 21:44:48

The only thing I can remember is having my girly parts shaved by a nurse at the pre-op...

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 08-Jul-09 21:46:06

I wouldn't but then I had an emergency section.

rhi75 Mon 13-Jul-09 07:27:37

Hi Had my 3DD 11 months ago 3rd section, at pre op day before they did the usual monitoring, blood pressure, measure for pressure socks, injection of warfarin (blood thinning drug) into abdomen and talked through the procedure signed consent and that was about it took about 2 hours. They dont really like children there as at our hospital it is done on the Antenatal unit and there are other mums being monitored and it is a bit boring for little ones. Hope that helps I am off for 4th and last section in January must be mad lol.

mumofmaniacs Mon 13-Jul-09 07:36:43

I would take him, but then all I had to do was call in at the clinic to have bloods taken and pick up the antacid prescription. Consent etc was done on the day.

frimblypoo Mon 13-Jul-09 07:36:53

I had elective last year. Another lady in the room had her child in there, nearly 4 and staff had to ask her dad to take her home. There was a lot of waiting around, a lot of nervous, very upset ladies (inc me smile)and the poor child was bored, a bit scared herself and eventually had a tantrum.
I'm sure your ds is wonderful in normal circumstances but it might be overwhelming and not fair on you or the other mummies.

frimblypoo Mon 13-Jul-09 07:38:06

sorry thought you meant on actual day? blush

Phoenix Mon 13-Jul-09 18:24:07

Thanks for the replies but they're a bit late lol. I had my c-section on Friday and ds2 is here in my arms now

My pre op was like yours mumofmaniacs. Bloods, chat with anaesthetist (sp?), consent forms and antacid prescription. We didn't end up taking ds1 though

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 13-Jul-09 20:01:35

Congratulations. grin

mumofmaniacs Mon 13-Jul-09 20:48:14

Awwww Congratulations on your little boy Phoenix. grin

Hope you're recovering ok xxx

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