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Do Braxton Hicks change as labour approaches?

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Cillapops Wed 08-Jul-09 09:38:37

I am 40+3 and had a sweep yesterday. I have been feeling fed up as nothing seems to be happening. However, this morning, my Braxton Hicks, (which I have been having for weeks), seem to be lasting longer. Is this likely to be a sign or something happening or just wishful thinking??

alison56 Wed 08-Jul-09 17:06:50

Mine used to happen in the evening. Just before labour (probably the two nights beforehand) they lasted well until midnight, which was unusual.

Also, the night I went into labout (which happened between midnight and 2am they were just different somehow. They had always been tightenings across the top of my bump and they began to feel like very mild period pains.

No doubting the real thing when they came!

alittleteapot Wed 08-Jul-09 18:46:02

By the end of my pregnancy I felt like my stomach was in a permanent braxton hick. Couldn't feel the baby and had to go in for monitoring cos my belly was so hard!

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