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Does anyone know if I can choose where to have an elective cs

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monkeyfeet Wed 08-Jul-09 07:26:18


I have had some major complications with my pregnancy. I have been under the care of two hospitals, the regional one and one with a fetal medicine unit, which has basically led my care.

I am due for a planned cs in august and have been told that this can be arranged at the regional hospital. However when I spoke to my consultant there he appeared surprised and said someone from fetal medicine should be on hand.

I am really confused about where I should have the baby. After everything that has happened I just want the best possible outcome and feel that the larger hospital would be better to deal with this should anything go wrong.

Sorry this is getting long, but can I or am I within my rights to choose a hospital or must I go with what I am given???

Hope someone can help me have an appointment today.

fishie Wed 08-Jul-09 08:33:49

hello monkeyfeet. so the regional hospital is suggesting you have cs at the fmu as they have led? is your baby likely to need special care or is the problem likely to go away after birth?

and i can't really help with your other questions, hopefully someone else will be along...

monkeyfeet Wed 08-Jul-09 09:46:50

Hello fishie thanks for your reply.

Well not really the regional hospital assumes the fmu would do it, but the fmu wants the regional to do it, due to high numbers of births there that fall within the catchment area i think.

The problem is that I have a TRAP twin pregnancy and the cs is for betwen 34 and 36 weeks so the baby will be premature plus any complications caused to it by the dead baby. I dont think it is going to be a routine planned cs so I am worrried that as the regional hospital only deals with say 3 cases like mine every 5 years or so the fmu sees a few a week. Also my consultant at the regional hospital had offered me a termination before referring me to the fmu where I was able to have an operation to save the baby.

Just everything is complicated and rare and we are so worried about now losing the other baby when we have already been through so much we dont want to take any chances.

Podrick Wed 08-Jul-09 09:50:18

Oh you poor thing - I would phone the consultant at the regional hospital and ask him/her to arrange for delivery at the fmu - have you already tried that?

MrsHappy Wed 08-Jul-09 09:52:38

If I thought my baby might need extra help I would insist on being at the hospital with the best specialists, most NICU cots etc. Who wouldn't?

Do you have an obstetric consultant at the bigger hospital? If so, call his/her secretary and explain the situation and that you want to be booked for delivery there. If not, see if you can get your regional consultant to speak to a consultant at the bigger hospital and to refer you there.

I really can't imagine there will be a problem - just be very direct about what you want. Hospitals with FMUs, NICUs etc are there to take higher risk cases. If they can't (because they are so booked up), I think they should help you find somewhere that is capable of dealing with your delivery.

monkeyfeet Wed 08-Jul-09 19:24:15

Thanks for replying Podrick and MrsHappy!

Sorry for the delay been out most of the day.

I had a scan this morning at the fmu and seems things still aren't clear cut. I was told hopefully I would be able to have the baby at the regional hospital, as I still carry some risks which may permit this. So feel a bit better that in that if they deem the risk to be high it will be at the fmu.

But to be honest whatever happens I am going to go for the fmu, will speak to my regional consultant on monday and be direct and pushy for once no more chances with this baby he has had a hard enough time so far!

Podrick Thu 09-Jul-09 18:48:16

Good for you, definitely push for what you want smile no pun intended

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