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Natty's Live HomeBirth Feed!!

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TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 02:53:12

hi guys!
been in labour since about half 12, contacting regulary a few mins apart, going to try and document it on here

currently bouncing on my ball

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 02:57:25

Hey theNatty, I might be the only one still up, fancy an online birthing partner??!!

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 02:58:44

Actually, for one glorious moment I thought we were going to have a Kerry Katona stylee live webcam feed...a first for MN! But this is a pretty good first too....

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 02:59:56

oh yes please!

contractions fairly strong and regular, not screaming yet tho

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:02:47

Are you at home? Whose with you? Is this your first?

<<refers to long list of questions in hand>>

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:03:56

at home. this is my third.
got hubby with me!

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:04:38

<<boils kettle, looks for clean towels>>

how far apart are the contractions?

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:05:55

Ooh this is so exciting!

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:08:40

about 2 mins apart.

my labours are always like this, instead of strong contractions that get closer together, i have close together contractions thats get worse and worse.

strange but thats me!

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:10:52

When I had ds I was induced, so it went from me nipping out to the shop to get some mints, to end stage contractions every two minutes for four hours....aaadffhhh. So I sort of know what its like.

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:12:02

have the midwives arrived? do we have an ETA on TheTinyNatty?

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:14:02

well am timing them using an online thingy they are about 2 mins apart and around 35 secs long.
so not toooo bad yet

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:15:11

no they are sending one out aparently lol
no idea but last labour was 5 hours from aboutt his level of pain. so maybe 7 or 8am?

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:15:25

I screamed at exp when he got between me and sight of the clock...the only thing that got me through them...

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:21:15

still here....

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:27:00

i hate this bit, its takes ages to get it going fully.. wanted to have the baby before the kids woke up really..

come on baby!

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:27:05

though I have a sneaking suspicion that you are going to be a bit too busy to MNet before too long...

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:30:23

Does baby have a name yet? I'm sure your dcs have been most helpful coming up with possibilities...

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 03:36:26

DCs have named him george lmao!
they will be pleased if he is here when they wake

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:40:24

that's a very nice name. But you might want to consider calling him George AIBU in honour of MN.

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 03:54:34

I'm going to keep checking on you, but am going back to bed...insomnia hell...

ActivityApple Sun 05-Jul-09 04:00:25

Message withdrawn

BitOfFourthOfJulyFun Sun 05-Jul-09 04:08:58

< rooting for you >

TheNatty Sun 05-Jul-09 04:48:01

midwife been, contractions slowed and less intense, not dialated at all.
shes gone back to hospital, and im going for a bath and to try and grab some sleep.

false alarm it seems, never had one of those b4!

MadameDefarge Sun 05-Jul-09 04:52:24

grrrh for you!

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