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Induction Friday due to GD - advice and tips? (Bit long)

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Beccabump Tue 30-Jun-09 20:31:44

Well, after months of hoping for my homebirth it's gone out the window with baby growing massively in the last fortnight. So I'm off for induction at 38+1.

Baby was on 50th% for all measurements two weeks ago but abdomen has shot right up to nearly the 99th% since then. head is a good size, legs are long and the doctor feels this baby needs to come out sooner rather than later!

I was initially against the induction due to a horrid experience with DD - days of prostin pains, then ARM, then the drip, then a long labour on top of 3 days no sleep!

I am ok with this now, having seen the fat layer on the scan today I know he is taking in way too much of my sugar even though my levels have been really good. Not healthy for either of us to go on in this manner.

I go in Friday morning providing they have space and will either have ARM if at all possible or the gel if I am not dilated at all. Hospital were lovely today and gave me an emergency tour of labour ward so I know what it will be like. Labour rooms are lovely and big and very homely. They also have two huge water birth suites that I can use if they are free. Once I have had the gel I can go anywhere I like in the hospital and the grounds which is nice - I won't be tied to the bed (initially anyway!). They are big on active labour and will support me with birthing positions etc.

Soooooo....after all that my questions are:

1) What are good snacks to take for once labour is getting going? Especially ones good for GD?

2) How long have peoples 2nd inductions taken? Longer or shorter than the 1st?

3) Having managed the 1st induction with G&A and TENS, will I do it again?

4) Any other advice or tips? (I have the flash wipes already!)


oceana Wed 01-Jul-09 09:48:21

Hi beccabump,
unfortunately I don't have any of the answers to our questions...because I am in nearly the exact same situation as you are! I am also being induced on Friday due to GD (and the beginnings of pre-ecplampsia). I also had the drip/tens/G&A with my first baby and so am v. nervous about going through all that again. Anyway, I know I am no help, I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone! I will be watching this thread with interest...I hope someone can answer your/our questions!

Beccabump Wed 01-Jul-09 12:41:56

Thank you oceana it's made me feel better just to know someone else out there is having the same feelings as me! Good luck on Friday! xxx

oceana Tue 07-Jul-09 09:54:58

Hey did it go? I have been thinking about you. I was induced with the drip that I was absolutely dreading. It was short and savage labour - 3 hrs from when they put the drip in to when my beautiful little girl was born! I managed with G&A and TENS but wouldn't have if it had gone on much longer. I don't know HOW I coped for 13hrs last time!
Would love to hear how you went

Beccabump Sun 12-Jul-09 09:09:42


I started off with the prostin pessary at 10am, established labour by 5.30pm and DS born at 7.50pm!

Really glad it all went ok and without the drip but still in agony as I am very very bruised from the super fast 2nd stage!

I also managed just on G&A - well done both of us!

What weight was your DD? My 'according to the consultant' huge baby weighed in at 7lb5oz! He's so tiny!


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