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How much movement will the baby make during early labour?

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Cillapops Tue 30-Jun-09 18:18:38

I am 39 weeks and keep getting a low stomach cramp although it is not a "wave" more of a constant ache. I have also been getting small amounts of "show" for several days.

The baby is still moving around although not as violently as normal - it has been quite a wriggler!

To what extent will it move if things are starting or do you think it is just wishful thinking on my part??

jaype Tue 30-Jun-09 20:11:33

Depends on the baby - first of mine was still kicking with his head in the birth canal (!). The midwife was very surprised...

Second went quiet a day before she was born, as if she was saving her energy.

littleboyblue Tue 30-Jun-09 20:13:51

Could the 'constant ache' be pressure from your baby getting into the best position for birth?
Mine are 22 months and 4 months, and I have a vague memory of quite a dull pressure low down and onto my back

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