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Possible hindwater leak - how long can I fend off intervention?!

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Mij Fri 26-Jun-09 19:36:47

Yesterday evening, got up from the sofa to go for a wee and discovered a wet patch in pants through to trousers. Not happened before.

I'm 38wks today, DD was born at 39+1 so wouldn't be in total shock if this one was a little early, but planning a home birth (first was fine, drug-free in hospital at midwife-led end of labour ward) and we don't have viable childcare options for DD if I have to go into hospital until my Mum gets here (lives 4hrs away, was planning to come up next Friday).

So, called midwife this morning. After much discussion we agreed that we weren't sure it was waters anyway, as nothing had really happened overnight (had a damp pad but not really wet or heavy) and that I should just call triage if anything else happened. After a nap this pm, same thing happened, and again only a smallish patch, and after an hour or so nothing much else. No sign of mucus or blood or anything. Have started timing 'tightenings' (not sure if they qualify as contractions, but then I didn't realise I was in labour til quite late last time around blush) just to get a picture, as they seem regular-ish, but not close together.

Anyway - if things don't kick off, and I get more fluid loss in this itty-bitty way, once a day or so, am I being daft not to get onto the hospital conveyor belt? I've heard hindwater leaks can reseal and the water replenish, so not the same risk of infection (which is pretty low anyway) as if all or forewaters go. Baby is very low, so head could easily be in the way of a leak, and maybe that's why it's only happened when I get up from lying down, as perhaps its head shifts back from the cervix a bit..?

Sorry, long post, clutching at straws here!


hedgiemum Fri 26-Jun-09 21:15:15

This happened to me at 34 weeks with DC3. Everything spiralled out of control very quickly at the hospital, culminating with induction at 35 weeks after a week of being admitted on bedrest and IV antibiotics. Looking back over my notes, it seems they were treating me as though membranes had totally ruptured, "just in case".

If my waters break early again this pregnancy, I will stay at home (if only hind waters) as risk of infection is lower at home, besides being virtually nil for hindwaters anyway. I would also refuse induction.

Mij Fri 26-Jun-09 21:29:40

Thanks. Have been reading some very interesting stuff about expectant management, but of course that should only apply if they really have ruptured. And I'm really, really not sure they have. There seems to be no allowance made for these little leaks, you just get treated as if they have gone and that's that.

QueenFee Fri 26-Jun-09 22:01:23

mij, I have resonded on July thread but thought i'd pop it on here in case you didn't read it.

My hindwaters went with both DCs. At the hospital I was due to give birth they were not worried about this as they do replenish themselves but the experience was the same some leaking with each contraction. DD I was already in pretty much full blown labour but with DS it happened on the fri night. They were originally going to induce me on the sunday due to this but when I went in on the sunday and they realised that it was only hindwaters they were quite happy for me to wait till my origninal induction date on the tuesday. Hope this helps.

picklesmama Fri 26-Jun-09 22:51:28

Why don't you ask for a scan? When there was doubt about mine with DD, the consultant scanned me and said there were no waters left, so I was advised to be induced (and in fact after a pessary, nature took over). They would have been more relaxed had there been more left.
even though my waters had all gone there wasn't in fact much by way of liquid, no gushes or anything.
Early waters going and labour not following is a danger sign for GBS which is why they are so cautious about it (tho I did not have this).
Second time round I had a negative GBS test result and the doctor said he was happy to be more relaxed and not induce if my waters went early again - but the whole lot happened in about an hour so it wasn't an issue.

Mij Sat 27-Jun-09 08:09:38

The thing is, I'm not getting a leak with every tightening. Literally a couple of small damp patches a day. And after last night when tightenings calmed down, I haven't had any more. Just like Thursday night. My gut instinct just tells me this isn't waters, or at the very least is a tiny leak.

Add to this that I've had a very minor show this morning, yesterday's suggestion from the midwife that it might have just been a lot of very watery discharge or very watery beginning of a show seems to make more sense.

I do understand the increased risk of infection (although all the stats I've seen put it that risk as very very low still) but that's if waters have gone. I don't think they do a routine GBS test here - will check my notes. And when talking to the MW no scan to check waters was mentioned, only a non-specific 'exam'. And I'd be pretty anti any vaginal exam at this point.

MiaMamma Tue 30-Jun-09 15:43:12

Same happened with me when 39 weeks - very small leaks from Friday evening (when suddenly standing up), just enough to damp the pad but nothing more. Couple of them on Saturday. I didn't even think that could be waters breaking and didn't start having any contractions. Nothing on Sunday. Contractions started early Monday morning and DD was born same afternoon. Waters came with the baby.

But because I hadn't contacted midwives about those leaks and it had been more than 24hrs, they gave me and DD some antibiotics, just in case of infection. 3yrs later I'm still convinced it wasn't needed but they didn't want to risk. Also wasn't allowed to go home next day because of thatsad.

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