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stop start labours?

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thelollipoplady Fri 26-Jun-09 08:10:31

38 +5. 3rd DC. Wednesday afternoon - 3 hours of painful tightenings, irregular and died off when I went to lie down. Then Thursday afternoon, acupuncture followed by long walk resulted in stomach upset and painful contractions for about an hour. Plug disappearing gradually and no sign of waters breaking.

Previous labours were castor oil and induction so this slow buildup is new. Anyone else having this? Is this going to carry on for the next 3 weeks...?!!

doulalc Fri 26-Jun-09 15:24:19

There is no way to know...things might take off tonight or not for a couple of weeks. For some women prodromal labour goes on for just several days. It may not seem like it, but it can actually be helping to prepare your body for later when labour really gets going.

Use these contractions to find out what things works best for you to be more comfortable. Try slow easy breathing with them...blowing the contraction away with every exhale, try out different positions, if you have a birth ball....give it a try, have partner use massage and counter pressure on you to see what feels good and what doesn't. Focus on different types of music....or different aromas.

Hopefully not too much longer!

lizziemun Fri 26-Jun-09 16:18:41

I had what you are describing (sp) with dd2 for nearly 4wks and was induced at 41 + 6. They would start at 12pm and finish at 4pm and would be every 30mins.

Cowwomanmoo Sat 27-Jun-09 02:23:18

Due date tomorrow. Spent last 2 weeks stop start labour, I hate pineapples now, and my mother walked in on my DP giving me nip stimulation this morning, (Came in room with out knocking) Iv been for a long walk and my pelvis feels like its going to split in two.
Was getting nice reg contractions yesterday until I watched baby bird being accidentally killed. Had been watching nest and baby bird progress for last month or so. Labour pains went irregular afterwards and stopped. Curry later that evening didn’t even start it up. Can’t stop replaying baby bird moment in head and dissolving into blubing.
Many people predicted that I would be premature due to size of bump (Enormous). Wish I had of put bets on now.
I’m getting very very miserable and starting to get a little scared due to being stupidly superstitious about baby bird.
As you can see from time of posting, I’m getting bugger all sleep as well.

Cowwomanmoo Sat 27-Jun-09 22:14:13

Due date today. Still nothing, I think people taping their watches at me and telling me it’s getting inconvenient is not helping. The contractions have stoped happening even.The weather, you would think would bring it on. Feeling less clinically depressed today, more psychotic, huge row with DP over him expecting my mother to do his chores now she’s hear, e.g. lift rubbish out. There’s a dent in the wall where I threw something at him today.
Samba band in town, scandalized onlookers by doing a little swaying close to the big drums. No much help, fun though.
Iv gone and got some raspberry leaf tea, going to make some iced tea with it now. Didn’t make it to the swing park today as planed, was going to see if some central fugal forces could be put to work. Tomorrow.
Any one with any tips on baby eviction, more then welcome.

thelollipoplady Sun 28-Jun-09 10:11:26

Poor you. I went 10 days over with DD2 and can quite honestly say they were the worst ten days of my life! People don't help. I'd try and avoid them if you can...

To keep you amused, have a read of these for a bit of a laugh/inspiration for things to do. Warning on the castor oil though - it doesn't always work (see my reference to hospital induction for DD2!!) and it tastes vile.

Do you have a box set DVD you can watch your way through? Someone was suggesting SATC somewhere else I think - good for keeping you out of the hot sun. Anything that makes you laugh should be good - according to those hippy trippy midwives, laughing helps relax the cervix!!

Cowwomanmoo Mon 29-Jun-09 00:19:56

Thank you thelollipoplady, very sound advice. My mother got ill last night and caught a flight home this evening, while I was in the hospital for general swelling and suspected thromboses. She wasn’t well to begin with and it really worried me having her hear. Sad really cause she was brilliant for my DD ten years ago. A lots happened since then and she just a bit more negative and panicky, convinced me that I had one leg bigger then the other this morning before she took off. But its always safer then sorry,
Things went from bad to worse during the week when I decided I didn’t want her at the delivery, and wanted her to cover for DD, that and much falling out and a flu bug made for a sad early goodbye. Guilty and relived at the same time.
Meanwhile up at the maternity hospital:
MW “You do know your having contractions”
Me “Yes for a week now”
Me thinking “NO s* Sherlock”
They’re going to do a stretch and sweep Tuesday. I’m not going to argue.
I like quote ‘It's like "dialing the telephone”. From the link you posted, Really? Last one felt like an old knitting needle jabbed up my foo by a cross-eyed orangutan.
Having said that, bring on the orangutan iv had enough.

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