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Elective C-section after previous shoulder dystocia?

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Ladyem Thu 25-Jun-09 11:01:09

Hi! I'm 30 weeks pregnant and when I had my daughter (now 2 years old) she suffered from shoulder dystocia which resulted in left erbs palsy. I've been recommended to have a c-section this time by my consultant (after which he then reeled off a huge list of things that could go wrong with a c-section! Just to worry me more!) to avoid the risk of it happening again and I just wondered if anyone else has been through similar and what they did.

Consultant said it was my decision, but much as I hate the idea of a c-section I don't think I could live with myself if another baby was damaged.

Not sure what to do. I haven't had much support, either, as I've not seen him since 12 weeks and I won't see him again until 36 weeks when they'll do a growth scan.

Any advice appreciated!!

littlemisslozza Thu 25-Jun-09 22:28:44

No advice sorry, just to say that I'm in the same boat so share your worry! I'm 33 weeks pregnant and had shoulder dystocia with my son's birth 22 months ago. I feel so thankful that he was unharmed and the risks of a planned cs (as opposed to emergency) seem less than a repeat of the horrendous 'natural' (hardly!) route last time. So, for me, scary as I find the idea, I think the planned cs is the way this time. Like you, I know I couldn't bear it if shoulder dystocia happened again and it's such a pain that you can't predict it! Interestingly my consultant said that growth scans are unreliable at predicting big babies so he's not doing one. He said that it happens with smaller babies too.
Anyway, hope you come to a decision you're comfortable with soon, good luck.

doulalc Thu 25-Jun-09 22:46:08

A few things to consider:

*Was it true dystocia or "sticky shoulders"?
*Were you able to utilise a variety of positions in labour and birth?
*What was the size of your daughter?
*Did you have an epidural?
*What position did you use for pushing and birth?
*Were you ever told that your internal pelvic measurements were narrow?
*Do you have gestational diabetes?

There is no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again, however the things listed above can play a role in why it may have happened in the first place.

Wait and see what is said after your scan at 36 weeks.

Ladyem Thu 25-Jun-09 23:08:07

littlemisslozza - thanks for the message! Good to know others are in the same boat. I too was told that the scans are unreliable and that it can happen with a small baby, think my consultant is just covering his back and doing all the checks. Think I'll have to go for the c-section route as I'd be worrying too much about it happening again. Luckily DD responded well to physio and now has full motion in her left arm, but it was paralysed for weeks, which was very scary. Good luck with your pregnancy and delivery! Let me know how you get on!

doulalc - thanks also for the message! As far as I know it was a true shoulder dystocia, but it was all kept very quite from me in the hospital and not much info given after delivery. I found most of it out afterwards at DD follow ups and physio.
I did use various positions in labour, but as the second stage progressed to 2 hours tiredness set in and resulted in me on my side, then legs in stirrups for a ventouse delivery.
DD was only 8lbs in weight, but I am a tall girl (5' 10",although am quite skinny and saw a dietician as they thought my BMI was too low. This all worked out fine and was discharged from the consultant), so I don't think this is overly big.
No epidural or GD and I never had my internal measurements looked at so not sure about that! Did suffer from SPD, though.

Thanks for the posts, ladies, will see what they say at the 36 week check and take it from there!

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