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c section on tuesday!

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wzmo Thu 25-Jun-09 01:03:36

i am having my second c section this tuesday!! aghhhhh! the first was emergency. so i am feeling a bit nervous and was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or if anyone else has been through the 2 one any helpful hints?

EachPeachPearMum Thu 25-Jun-09 01:11:06

Hi, I had my 2nd 19weeks ago... emergency 1st time, el this time.
It was a whole different experience emotionally this time- psychologically was great- 1st time was v traumatic. Physically it was harder- the first week was v hard- felt like I had been hit by a train, but I recovered v quickly after that- no pain or twinges after 4 weeks I think.

Hints... take your shoes off before going into theatre... blush I realised as I got up on the table I still had mine on! grin

wzmo Thu 25-Jun-09 02:31:10

thanks! i am feeling a little weird about just walking into have a baby. i would love to have some signs of labor to show me this baby is ready. it is interesting that physically you hurt more, i have heard that from others as well, it seems odd as the emergency one you body has been trough soooooo much with labor and pushing and being so tierd. but after the first week you felt a little better?? how old is your first kid? when could you pick them up again?

WowOoo Thu 25-Jun-09 06:16:37

Sure you're recovery will be a little better, but you'll still have to take it easy though.
But, hey how nice to just chill with your new little one.

Still haven't decided whether to have el c-sec yet and I'm nearly 36 wks and getting lots of signs.

Weird, but wonderful, eh?

CoteDAzur Thu 25-Jun-09 07:09:39

I don't know about hurting more with elCS. I had one 5 weeks ago, and can honestly say there was no pain after the first two days. Even then, it was very manageable.

I've heard emCS can be very hard to recover from. Guessing it depends on how much of a hurry they were to get baby out, though.

My top tip is: Get up that first night, if only to waddle the few steps to the toilet. Moving about helps a lot with recovery.

I'm sure it will be fine. Enjoy your little baby smile

meep Thu 25-Jun-09 07:40:18

I had mine 13 weeks ago. It does feel a lot more clinical as you don't get the hormones/drugs that you get with labour. The weirdest thing was how empty the operating theatre felt - with my 1st emcs there seemed to be everyone and their dog in there!

Lots of skin to skin afterwards sorted out the clinical feeling for me and helped me fall in love with dd2.

My recovery was slower this time too - lots of old scar tissue meant my wound didn't heal quickly.

Psychologically it was a much better experience.

Good luck!

EachPeachPearMum Thu 25-Jun-09 07:50:56

My dd is 3.4, - she was 3 the week ds was born. I could lift her after 3 weeks, comfortably after 4. She is quite independent and I had a lot of help from MIL after the birth which made a huge difference.
I think the first week was harder because ... I was older! I felt like I had been hit by a train tbh! I had a bad pg, and have a heart condition this time- it takes it's toll. Also first time. I had been in labour for 25 hours, so had had plenty of hormones to help my body forget and deal with it IYSWIM.
That said, I had no morphine, just paracetamol after first week can't think what the other painkiller was... sorry it eludes me.
The worst thing was the bruise on my back from the anaesthesia... that was a shocker, but apparently I have a lot of nerves at the site they used hmm
Made lying on my back very uncomfortable- used millions of pillows for feeding. (DS tongue-tie- used lying back, toes down position)

CoteDAzur Thu 25-Jun-09 08:01:38

Worst for me was when they took the catheter out several hours post-op. Ouch! That was a shocker.

Meglet Thu 25-Jun-09 08:11:36

Don't worry, you will be fine. I had an em cs 2.7 years ago and a planned cs 9 months ago. Recovery from the em cs was pretty hard, but I didn't even need the full dose of painkillers in hospital as I felt fine. Was off paracetamol after 10 days. Get as much help as you can, move around when you feel able to, but don't over do it. Ring the buzzer for the midwives to help, I got much more help second time and felt better for it.

Yes, it is weird walking to theatre, but remember the staff have done it hundreds of times before and they know exactly what they are doing. I was crying while they prepped me as I was so freaked out, but once dd was out and yelling I relaxed smile. In fact I had got myself so tense and worked up my neck and shoulders were hurting more than my lower body, doh!

I didn't need to pick up my toddler ds for 2 weeks afterwards (I had lots of help), but it was fine. I just took it easy for the next month (lots of cbeebies, on-line grocery shopping, and staying home in pj's) until I was 100% again.

All the best smile.

Meglet Thu 25-Jun-09 08:13:02

Oops, just to clarify, I didn't need the full dose of painkillers after my planned cs. I was on paracetamol for weeks after my em cs!

wzmo Sat 27-Jun-09 02:09:48

THANK YOU! for all of your comforting responses. I am just shocked that i will be walking in to have this little one on tuesday! so different then my first. thanks again for your hints and some time lines of when you were back up and holding your first baby!

EachPeachPearMum Mon 29-Jun-09 12:35:03

All the best for tomorrow Wzmo! smile

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