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Awful human error at hospital where i had my baby

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Juliettesmum Fri 13-May-05 22:07:36

I live in Ireland and Last year, My 7th i gave birth to my dd at a great hospital. This year however, a really awful thing happened there and it was on the news this week. A lady went into labour. She was told all through her pregnancy she was having twins, so when she got to the hospital things got going. She gave birth to her first baby naturally, then she went for a section to deliver twin 2. The doctors started to peform the operation only to find that there was no baby in there! How can anyone make such a mistake? The poor woman, was not carrying twins after all, just one baby! I could not beleive it as at every antenatal appointment, you see a different doctor. In irend you get at least two scans. Usually, if theres twins, theres two heartbeats and two feotus'. I think it is horrendous! The woman must be distraught. Poor woman.

Evesmama Fri 13-May-05 22:10:34

thats terrible although highly beleivble of late

LGJ Fri 13-May-05 22:11:44

Where did she give birth ??

Juliettesmum Fri 13-May-05 22:13:09

It was at St. Lukes hospital in kilkenny

LGJ Fri 13-May-05 22:20:33

Really thought you were going to say Holles Street. They are so C**p

My BF died in Grauignemanah[sp]/Inistioge

Juliettesmum Sun 15-May-05 13:21:30

Lgj i'm sorry. Thats very near to where I live. do you have his children? Are you living in ireland?

mears Sun 15-May-05 13:28:34

I find this really hard to believe. Have you got a link to the story in the news?

Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 13:30:46

Me too Mears! Sounds very unlikely! Not saying JM is lying, just wondering where the story is from.

lockets Sun 15-May-05 13:31:06

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sun 15-May-05 14:09:04

The story is reported here

Hausfrau Sun 15-May-05 14:28:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mears Sun 15-May-05 14:33:03

The story reads that she was found to have 1 baby at C/S. Although that is still appalling, it is more understandable than having a C/S for twin 2 after the normal delivery of twin 1.

It still is utterly amazing how that could psossibly happen. What did they see on scan?

mears Sun 15-May-05 14:36:09

By the way Juliettesmum - I am not saying I don't believe you but sometimes stories change when they are portrayed on the news.

bubblerock Sun 15-May-05 14:38:46

That report was from December - has it just been made public?

Clementine Sun 15-May-05 14:55:47

LGJ - beg to differ on Holles Street. They saved my babies life.

LGJ Sun 15-May-05 22:59:11


Shall we agree to disagree ??

Holles Street have always, historically, put the life of the unborn child first. In this case you are here to post, but that has not always been the case....

LGJ Sun 15-May-05 23:05:13


BF............ Best Friend

Four of them came down from Dublin on a retreat, took a wrong turning, the driver who was sober, took them up a forestry path, got stuck, gunned the engine, hit a tree,.............

Sorry, all these years later.............I can not complete this post

Juliettesmum Tue 24-May-05 10:58:27

You poor thing LGJ. Sorry to have brought back all those memories. I hope you're ok. Do you live in Ireland? I don't think many people on here do.

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