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Induction or not?

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AlexaD Mon 22-Jun-09 18:00:57

I am 40+12 according to scan dates today, which I believe are 4/5 days off so in reality am only 40 + 7/8 days.

They won't change my dates, but are not being that pushy about induction. I have to go for checks on Weds when according to the scan I am 2 weeks over and am provisionally booked for induction on Friday, but could obviously change this if everything looks fine Weds.

I really really want to avoid being induced if I can as have heard so many horror stories about it. If I cancelled the Friday booking, does anyone know what they should do then, i.e. how often they would monitor me and how reliable this is?

Any other advice gratefully received as to what would be advisable.


funtimewincies Mon 22-Jun-09 20:40:49

If it's any help, I'd heard the horror stories about inductions but my own experience was fine. I think that if you're not ready to go and have to be fully kick-started it is extremely painful and can lead to further intervention.

I was induced 40+12 (I think) after 2 sweeps which looked like they would work and then tailed off. I went into hospital at about 8pm and given the gel, the plan being to give me another dose of gel in the morning. The drip was even considered except as a last option as it's used here to induce from scratch (e.g. in an emergency).

Contractions started up within an hour, dh was told not to go home and ds arrived (without stitches or intervention) 12 hours later. I had gas and air and pethadine (made me very sick sad).

The main downside of induction is that the mws become obsessed with you wearing the fetal monitor which hampers moving around as much as I'd have liked. As it was, ds turned out to have the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times, so I'm glad that I was induced in the end.

Have you had any sweeps yet?

funtimewincies Mon 22-Jun-09 20:42:11

Sorry, that should read 'the drip wasn't even considered' blush.

AlexaD Tue 23-Jun-09 11:06:18

Yes had one sweep last Friday, but MW said my cervix wasn't favourable. I'm hoping I can get them to do another one tomorrow at the hospital or at least find out if my cervix is looking any more favourable as I read induction is much worse if you aren't ready to go as you say. So might base a decision on that.

Hoping 2nd session of acupuncture this evening works so I can stop worrying!!

Bumpsadaisie Tue 23-Jun-09 11:38:52

I was induced and had DD three weeks ago. It was totally not the homebirth we had planned, but it was fine. I think the horror stories aren't helpful - the more worried you are the worse it is.

You also don't know how you are going to experience anything until you experience it, if you see what I mean! I had seen pictures of all the stuff you're wired up to in an induction, seen pictures of forceps delivery, women on their back with their feet up etc and thought "God how horrendous!"

Well, I ended up having all those things as dd had to be induced on her due date due to scant amniotic fluid - had an epidural and an episiotomy and forceps delivery in the end. I was attached to 6 different things (drip, epidural, blood pressure, catheter, CTG monitor and saline drip) and so couldn't move round. However I felt very safe and cared for during the experience and I loved the "dreaded" forceps - the feeling of that extra bit of help getting baby out after 3 hours of pushing her nearly all the way was fantastic!

The episiotomy was fine after two weeks and I feel totally "back to normal" now (and am even contemplating sex!)

If you have a drip then I would request the epidural from the outset - contractions are fast and furious!

If you end up with an induction it may well not be as bad as you fear .... and if you end up needing an induction its as well not to be totally terrified about it.

funtimewincies Tue 23-Jun-09 18:47:14

I would see if they could do another sweep. If your cevix isn't 'favourable' yet then you aren't ready to be induced either. If there are no other worries (e.g. high blood pressure, low fluid, signs that the placenta is not functioning correctly, etc.) then I sometimes think that the rush to induce is more about fitting into their schedule.

Like all things, it's a balance so I hope that you find a situation that you're all happy with smile.

skidoodle Tue 23-Jun-09 18:56:35

I was induced when I was showing no signs of going into labour and my cervix was not favourable and ended up with a cs. I wish I had listened to my body which was clearly telling me that I was not ready to give birth rather than allowing my impatience to make me amenable to going along with the hospital's ideas of what should be happening.

Lots of the women on my mother's sideof the family have long pregnancies, especially on the first (my aunt went 4 weeks over!), so I think it would have made sense to wait under the circumstances.

How do women in your family labour? Obviously not a reliable guide but might give you a bit of an idea in combination with other things.

AlexaD Wed 24-Jun-09 14:49:01

Thanks for all the advice...

We saw the doctor this morning and they agreed to change my dates so that I'm now only 40+10 - without any kind of fight which was not what I had anticipated. Good to see there are some medical professionals out there who don't treat women like idiots!!

The doctor agreed there was no rush, so we moved the induction back to Monday, and just had another sweep. The good news is that since last Friday, my cervix has got a good deal more favourable (Bishop's Score = 6) so I am feeling like even if we get to Monday the induction is likely to be ok.

skidoodle - my mum was early with both of us. I think the baby takes after his dad who was induced 13 days late!!

Mamulik Wed 24-Jun-09 18:20:17

NOT, you just not ready

funtimewincies Wed 24-Jun-09 19:58:09

Pleased to hear that they're being a little more sensible. Obviously they can't make you have an induction but you just don't need a battle (especially in this heat!)

Fingers crossed for the sweep smile.

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